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Hey, all. I haven't posted in these forums in quite some time, so many of you won't know me, but I've humbly come to ask a favor. I've started a kickstarter campaign to fund a cd I'm putting out. The style is mid 90's punk rock, and I'm raising the funds to finish the final stages of production. If anyone feels like backing, I would be grateful.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this, and for tolerating a kickstarter begging thread.
Hey, nice to see you're still alive!

I have to say, your Kickstarter proposal is not very convincing, there's too little info on your actual music - you'd really need to have some samples in there, otherwise it feels like you're asking people to donate blindly (well, deafly). Even so, *if* I had the money to spare, which sadly I don't, I'd be happy to donate regardless, just to thank you for your work in Standoff.

(and to anyone who liked Standoff and does have money to spare: Nick did an outstanding job molding Lt. Freyers into an unspeakably annoying jerk, so help him out, will ya? :) )
You're Freyers? Sold.

Even if your character was an overbearing douche, YOU did a fantastic job.

Edit: I will help, but payday isn't for another 3 weeks :(
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I actually wanted to have music playing in the background, or cut to a raw demo of one of the tracks, but my video editing software doesn't seem too interested in actually using the video from my phone, and so I went into the living room and just started rambling. I would also gladly shoot another video, maybe actually play the song through my computer speakers while filming, but at the moment my voice is shot.

Lol, maybe I should do the Amanda Palmer thing and write down my speech on flashcards.

And I'm glad everyone enjoyed Freyers. He was a lot of fun to play. That seems like it was so long ago. Fun fact: Recording was done per episode, typically with one session per episode. For one episode (don't remember which one) I was very sick, but recorded anyway. For another, I was drunk out of my mind. Ah, my early 20's.