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I was wondering if you guys ever thought to talk to origin about producing our own game for the community with funds provided ny the community then when the game was finished it would be consumed by the community sort of like grow your own food and eat kind of deal say we asked for a dollar a month from each member over time we could have quite a bit of cash

I realize it could be difficult for us to convince origin but could it be done?



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Yeah, once in a while someone dreams about that. I don´t think the -+200 regular posters here could raise enough money to catch EA´s attention. I think WC4 cost $10 million. The CIC staff works hard already and spends a good deal of money of their own just to keep this site running.

In a VERY optimistic scenario (read ANOTHER DIMENSION), suppose EA for some reason puts a $1 million price tag on the Wing Commander franchise or decides to make a new game spending that amount of money. Suppose we gather 300 posters to donate 5 dollars a month. That means we´d have to give out 5 bucks a month over SIXTY years to gather the necessary funding. And, the facts are that:

a) EA is not interested.
b)Wing Commander is worth far more than $1 million
c) We can´t get 50 posters to buy CIC t-shirts, we won´t make 300 of them give 5 bucks a month for the *possibility* of the making of a new WC game.
d) Most of us won´t be alive 60 years from now.

I like your enthusiasm, but there´s no way that could work. So let´s keep supporting the CIC and Wing Commander in general, in any way we can.


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Alternately, this is already being done without going through EA. Unknown Enemy, Standoff, WC Saga and others are prime examples are the community sustaining itself.


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Yes, but it is accomplishing more or less the same end for free instead of requiring millions upon millions of dollars.

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I'm sure it's technically a copywrite violation - but it's not really worth EA's time to stop such projects (it's also certainly detrimental to their public image).


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At least pre DMCA it quite surely would fall under fair use however.


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And while pursuing violations would be detrimental, overall I think most of these "violations" enhance the popularity of the franchise(s).


cff said:
At least pre DMCA it quite surely would fall under fair use however.

It *really* *really* wouldn't... It's happily a copyright violation to be using the storyline, characters, ships, artwork, and all sorts of other fun wing commander things. There's also the trademark violations that are involved in using the Wing Commander name.


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Theoretically, it could be considered a violation. But it's not something that harms the copyright owner in any way. Actually, it's quite beneficial. It's a common practice on the game industry to allow mods, fan sites, and that kind of thing. The law gives the maximum rights, but the owner can choose not to exercise it to the maximum extent. When a company releases an editor or the source code, it’s certainly not a violation to use them.