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So this summer I decided to ante-up some cash and acquire a couple of WC rarities - So I'm now the proud owner of SWC and wc3 for the 3d0 and wc for the segacd

Ignoring the 3d0 for now (since the only emulator i can find, freedo is rubbish and doesnt load wc3 at all) the segacd version is pretty cool. Since it is basically wc1 and the secret missions plus speech it occured that it might be possible to get the speech out (getting it into wc1 for dos being the next desire!)

Sadly all my work so far has shown is that the audio is (probably) 8 bit mono 8000Hz PCM, but that loading the audio like that into goldware gives me the audio (not quite the right speed i dont think, shotglass sounds a bit less intelligent and more ponderous than he does even in the game!) but with a large amount of background static - even during silences. The effect is worse if you look at the med.dat file (which seems to hold all the medals conversations) which has the applause almost completely eradicated by the noise on it.

Has anyone looked into extracting the audio properly (not just the cd tracks which seem to be more just for the same of having cd audio in the game!)

In another completely unrelated note (well it's wc1 related) I notice that the wc guide on the CIC doesnt include mark minasi's helpful info on the kills required to get certain medals and the actions that you must complete to "win" a mission and a series.


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I'll look into some cd's i have laying around built for this sort of thing, but chances are that they will need resampling, also they might be deliberatly "mocked", for instance wc2 soundfiles I extracted were encoded in a frequency, but when i used goldwave you could actually turn the playback back to normal(as in hearing the original voice actors without distortion)

these tools were not uncommon in late DOS/486 Era.


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The static combined with the improper speed would indicate to me that the sampling rate must be off a little.


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the sampling rate is definitely off - but the static seems to be structured, perhaps information for the lip-syncing of the talking heads?


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Actually, my attempts to finish the McAuliffe 3 mission are very irritating - the lag when i have the 3 salthis and the drayman onscreen is painful, coupled with the damn salthis being near impossible to hit!
Does anyone know of a cheat for it? - while i'd like to finish the game properly, i'm also trying to record all the conversations - challenging when the game is so hard!


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Actually, my attempts to finish the McAuliffe 3 mission are very irritating

I usually let the Drayman jump in, get its "Glad to have you with us" message, then afterburn (don't autopilot) towards the Tiger's Claw. When the Salthi arrive, they fly straight towards the Drayman, which by then is thousands of km away. Even Bhurak ignores you as you position yourself behind him and fill him with mass driver shots before he gets in range of the Drayman. Unsporting, but so is Bhurak's tendency to run away just because his ship is about to explode. This is the only way I've ever taken him down from a Scimitar.

This trick also works on most WC1 escort missions where you're attacked while in transit. However, occasionally the game will punish your negligence by making the transport explode or disappear. Also, I only have the DOS version - it's possible that your SegaCD version will behave differently.


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I finally did it, though i had to get to the krants, fly away, until they magically dissapeared and the salthi appear, and then i could usually pick one off before the transport appeared. the problem was that the krants and the salthi both seem to spawn significantly nearer the drayman jump point than i remember them doing in the pc version. meaning that i've usually got 2 krants left before the fight nears the jump point, so the drayman appears, takes some hits and as soon as i waste the last krant the three salthi appear and finish the drayman off.

eitherway, my wierd bug which made the krants dissapear worked eventually though i didnt get my silver star!