See? We are still alive!


Unknown Enemy
In case some of you were wondering about the long lack of updates on the website... we finally managed to squeeze an update out of Eder yesterday.

So, what's new? Well, even though the website doesn't see too many updates, progress is certainly plentiful - just check out that progress page with a whole episode's worth of yellowy goodness.

Apart from that, we've also added a new character profile (Squealer) to the characters page.

Finally, we have increased our beta testing potential by a whole 50%. The new tester is Ijuin. We felt the need to boost our testing capacity because for a moment there, it looked like one of our existing testers might not be able to test any more... but also because episode 3 does need more testing. Winning path, losing path, winning path on the losing path, losing path on the losing path, argh :cool:.

DJ Erik

Can only wait until everything is at condition blue.

I'm liking the sound of the branching losing path, does this mean you can make the difference between a partial sucess or a total failure? I'd love to make it as easy for Bradshaw as I can. :)


Unknown Enemy
Well, episodes 2-4 can all end in just two ways - either you win the episode and go to the winning path of the next episode, or you lose, and go to the losing path of the next episode. But inside each episode, there can be a bit of branching depending on the player's performance. This branching doesn't, strictly speaking, affect the ending - it does, however, affect how hard it is to win.

In other words - lose episode 2, you go into episode 3 on the losing path. Lose a few missions on the losing path of episode 3, and you go on the losing path of the losing path of episode 3. From there, you still have a chance to win the episode... but the chance is pretty darn miniscule. On the other hand, if you win all the missions on the losing path of episode 3, you'll be able to get back onto the winning path for episode 4, though it's still not gonna be easy.

It'll be slightly different in episode 5, though. There, you have three different endings - there's a losing ending, a winning ending, and a middle ending (the middle ending is the book ending - so as you can imagine, we'll be working very hard to make sure that most people never see the winning ending :p ).


Rear Admiral
I just download Standoff ep 1 and 2 and playing 1 at the moment. Man this is very hard. Shields and hull get damaged very easily and almost too fast. I had to go back to rookie level to even survive the first five minutes of combat.
Is there suppose to be a prologue episode or is it just straight to chapter 1. I think I read it somewhere about standoff having something before chapter 1 or it is something i miss read