See Inside the Southampton (January 16, 2020)


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Here's another fantastic piece of Wing Commander art by HandofManos. This one is a "master systems display" style cutout for the Southampton class destroyer. I always used to love these for Star Trek designs, so it's wonderful to see one imagined for a Wing Commander ship. He actually made this quite a while back, so it's unlikely that there's another forthcoming any time soon, but we would love to see more! Thanks to Klavs for the tip.

An older MSD which someone asked my to upload. It is a design seen in Wing Commander 3 and 4 and is the mainstay Terran Confederation destroyer.
Original update published on January 16, 2020


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They put the gym about where the Akwende drive oughta be unless I'm very much mistaken. Going to be either really hard for the ship to go anywhere or to keep the crew fit, methinks......

Joking aside, this is pretty awesome. I likes it.


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The design is beautiful, although it seems to have been conceived with a Star Trek ship concept in mind (two huge computer cores?). Shouldn't capital ships have a matter-antimatter converter and reactor power-plant? The jump drives are not visible in the side view, but the power-plant should be visible, AFAIK.