Sartha Gripes


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Oh God... the "Tie fighter of WC."

This things have successfully pissed me off on a normal basis. A well-known pack hunter/bomber killer. Throwing six of these at a Broadsword bomber wreaks havoc on the pilot. Even with the turrets, the Broadsword's lack of speed makes these things tough to hit, and avoid fire from.

They are fast, carry two powerful Neutron guns that seem to recharge faster then the Confed equivalent, and very mobile. AKA a serious pain in the ass to shoot down, although they do only take a couple of hits and, if you can ram one, its an instant kill and does very little damage to your fighter.


It is an interesting change of pace to have a nimble light fighter with relatively heavy guns, but the psychological impact would have been better if they had a turning rate of 10 (like the Epee and Rapier) instead of 8 (like the Ferret and Sabre).


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I always wondered whether the Sartha carries the Turret version of the Neutron Guns.

Besides that, the Sartha is a pitiful craft. Not as pitiful as the Drakhri but still pretty pitiful.


The Sartha has had its moments for me, the most irritating of which is in the final mission of WC2. They seemed to have a good knack for if not killing me, killing my targeting computer.


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You're right, I seem to recall that this happened rather often to me as well. :)

Also, Rakti Blooddrinker was a cool ace.


Aren't too many 'gripes' topic here, men? And is there really reason to seek for Sartha's gripes?
She's typical light fighter.
Cheap light fighter, yes.
Yet she's capable of performing her task - for LOTS of Broadswords never came back after a 'conversation' with a Sartha wing.
And if she performs, and if she gets the job done...

And after all - she's much more capable than Epee, isn't she?


Mpanty's bane

And after all - she's much more capable than Epee, isn't she?

Considering that the Epee is faster, more manoeuverable, has better guns, missiles, better protection (even if it's only 0,5 cm more on the front and aft) and carries chaff pods, in short, considering that the Epee is superior in every aspect to the Sartha, I'd say, no, the Sartha is certainly not much more capable than the Epee. :)


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I think Kavok meant that the weak Sartha would weed out the best pilots among the low-born Kilrathi.

BTW, it's Kilra'hra. ;)