Saga Preview Trailer


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Indeed. I do have to echo the sentiment about the Kilrathi voice, though. Perhaps not in those words, but the Kilrathi was somewhat underwhelming (and hard to understand, too.) I know you guys only have so much in terms of resources for this sort of thing, but... well, there you go.


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I can tell one how to easily* do a "good" kilrathi voice. It's a simple process, but actually turns out pretty well. Ask anyone who's heard my Kilrathi voice samples. I mean, it's not exactly perfect, but it actually sounds Kilrathi. My only problem is that I can only really get one Kilrathi voice from my throat.

All you do is:

1) Using a snarly voice, record your line as quickly and articulately as possible (emphasis on articulation. Otherwise, the process just slurs the hell out of it).

2) Record another track of just snarling/rumbling in the same voice. Try to make the 'tone' of your snarling match the tone of you line.

3) Using a program (I use Yamp, which is free), slow both clips down, according to taste, so that your voice/snarling is deep like a Kilrathi, but still understandable. (They don't have to both be the same speed, btw)

4) Overlay the voices on each other. Mixed properly, it will sound something akin to WC3 Kilrathi vocals from the movies, where there is a snarl underneath the voice acting.

Try it, it works.


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I'm looking forward to hearing "You shall roast alive . . . in your ship!" (which was hidden in the WC3 files).


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Ohh sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind hearing the wc2 taunts either. All the armada ones sounded really deep and quiet to me....