Vice Admiral
For this weeks update, we would like to round off our presentation of Wing Commander 2 Confed fighter models created by Klavs and highlight his rendition of the Sabre! The Sabre was one of the best heavy fighters ConFleet put into service during the late 2650's, matching well with the Jalkehi and the Gothri. In addition to its dogfighting ability, its attack ability was so commended that a modified torpedo bomber variant was constructed for the escort carrier class. Both variants proving their mettle in the bloodiest of conflict, all Sabres were retired by the Thunderbolt VII and put into active reserve wings and In System security units as their defacto strike fighter-bombers.

The Sabre looks great, but I don't think your history is accurate.

Tolwyn cites the recent Sabre-D upgrades as being part of the future of the Navy's striking power in Fleet Action (2668)... and Blair considers the Thunderbolt to be an older fighter in the Wing Commander III novelization a few months later (which jives with its designation - F-66 is higher than the Sabre's F-57, but it clearly isn't among the group of fighters coming online in the late 60s which are all in the 90s.)

Just in general, though, the idea that any one fighter completely replaced another has been discounted with some consistency whenever it makes its way into the fan fiction mindset... not seeing a ship on the oldest carrier in the fleet in WC3 doesn't mean it isn't still flying.