Runs Horribly, what's wrong?



Right, I have a fairly powerful system - Pentium 4, 2.8 ghz processor, 768 megs of ram, GeForce 4 128 meg 3D accelerator, etc. etc.

I admit, not "cutting edge" anymore, but there isn't a single person who could call my PC "weak" - it runs all the lates games such as World of Warcraft at very high settings seamlessly.

So... even with 90% of the options regarding graphics/sound dialed WAY WAY down, it runs slowly. Nothing moves seamlessly, frame skip is common, etc.

Additionally, the Tarsus is DAMN hard to control/line-up to fire at an opponent, ir seems to keep moving in the direction I was turning quite strongly even after trying to correct, making targeting and hitting an opponent nigh impossible.

Is there anything I should look into to remedy my problems? Are there particular settings I might want to play with further, or can someone give me a good "set up"?