Running DOS WC3 Under Win98


I need some help. I get "exception 13" when running WC3 install in the graphics test part.
Here is what it says:
Exception 13 happened

CS:EIP = 00BF:000060D4
EAX = 000B0424, EBX = 00000001, ECX = 0000005C, EDX = 004BEFA8
ESI = 00000000, EDI = 0000A6E8, EBP = 00128C78, ESP = 00128C54
DS = 00C7, ES = 00C7, FS = 00AF, GS = 0000, SS = 00C7
EFLAGS = 00010246

1) 00005B25 5) 000DA98B
2) 0008F06F 6) 0009D146
3) 000959C7 7) 00000000
4) 0009B585 8) 00000000

This error is probably the result of a bad CD-ROM read.
Please try running the game again from your latest save
game and the problem should go away. If the problem
persists, you may have a bad CD. If you continue to have trouble,
please call Origin Customer Service for more information

I'm running it from WIndows - my CD-ROM drive won't work in DOS, but I think I tried it in DOS once before it got messed up and I got the same error. What can I do different?
Thanks in advance,
Good question. It's been a while since I last installed WC3 DOS, but is there a way to skip the speed test?
I don't think so. Know where I can get a REALLY cheap copy of the Kilrathi Saga? I know they're really rare.
Thanks in advnace,
There's no such thing as a cheap copy of KSaga. You may be able to find a copy at the original price (if you're damned lucky).
I ran WCIII on a Windows 95 machine but I had to reboot with a dos disk to get sound and video. Now I have a SBLive card and Voodoo3 2000. The SBLive card may be alright because it shipped with legacy Dos drivers, the Voodoo card I don't know. Anyone out there with experience I love some tips.

BTW on your error messages you show a line beginning with EAX, that stand for Creative Labs Environmental Audio (I think) if you have a soundblaster in your machine that may be a starting point to investigate.
Hi Cat-Hunters!
Hm, I'm running WC3 directly under Windows 98-SE, no problems ...
I've disabled the Windows-Match for DOS-based Programmes (I own Win-German, so I don't know the correct english translations :-() Even WC2 runs, O.K. a bit to fast, but ...

What worked for me was playing it in true DOS, using emm386 to use all my RAM as XMS when necessary. The game loads up rather quickly, and rarely ever crashes at all.

At least, that's what works for ME. More available RAM causes fewer crashes...


Michael_A: That EAX line refers to one of the 32-bit registers in the processor. Registers are where the processor stores the data that it performs computations on; EAX is a 32-bit register, AX is a 16-bit register, and AH and AL are 8-bit registers. Truth be told, Windows's habit of displaying register information is less than useless unless you are the one who made the program and you wrote it in assembly.