rules: Destroyer turning


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With a turn rate of 1/2, do we declare 1 turn in advance that we are turning the destroyer? Or can we turn now, and then take 2 turns before we can turn again, more like a refire rate?


Declaring it one turn in advance is the right answer. :)
Take the deceleration of TCS Orestes in Scenario 2 as an example: Pip declared he would slow down to speed 2, so in the first turn the "Last Maneuver Performed" was "Speed 3, decelerate (1/2)" - in the next turn, it was "Speed 2."


Next question: can a partially completed acceleration/deceleration/turn be cancelled? I.e. you decide the next turn that you just want to keep going straight, or not decelerate, etc.?

If not for the destroyers currently in play, what about something like the Fralthra, with a turn rate of 1/3?


Yes, that's absolutely possible. At an acceleration rating of 1/2, you'd declare the deceleration in the first and the acceleration in the second turn, ending up as fast as before. For 1/3, it takes a bit more time, depending on how long you've been accelerating/decelerating/turning. If you just started turning in the last turn, you can simply counter it in the next turn by ordering a turn in the opposite direction. If you've already turned to the left for two turns, you'd have to turn to the right for two turns as well.

(Now I'm dizzy of all those turns. :p)