Rocky Battle Unfolds (May 8, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
DigitalOrgami has put together another gorgeous Wing Commander wallpaper. This one features a spirited chase through a dark asteroid belt. The stars are Klavs' gorgeous Grikath and its Confed pursuer. There's good usage of light and dark, and there's even a sense of anticipation thanks to the missile that's just launched. You can find more of his work at DeviantArt or his WC scenes

Thanks to GrahamTG for making this awesome background available. I ended up going way darker than I originally intended, but things kind of led me that way. Also thanks to Adam Burch for the great Wing Commander ships.

Got a little carried away with engine glows, but hey, there's the nebula gas and all the dust from the asteroids, so that's my excuse. :D

Unfortunately, my positioning of ships meant Graham's sun gets lost in the starboard engine glow of the Kilrathi ship, but.... Should probably have gone with some motion blur but didn't think of it until the end, and couldn't work it in anyway that looked good. Hopefully will think of that next time....
Original update published on May 8, 2019