Roberts Space Industries Celebrates Six Years with Dazzling S42 Trailer (October 10, 2018)


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Can you believe it's been six years since Chris Roberts launched Star Citizen? The Cloud Imperium team returned to Austin today to hold an enormous Citizen Con bash for dedicated fans. A major highlight was a slick update to the current core game, but Wing Commander fans are also likely to have an interest in the story campaign game Squadron 42. The latest trailer for the game is heavy on the story and emphasizes the contributions of motion captured actors like Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Gillian Anderson and Gary Oldman. Looks pretty crazy! Check it out below.

Original update published on October 10, 2018


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You know with all the naysayers out there saying this game will never be "released", it's videos like this that put me in the mind of, "Oh, there's no game fine, I just want to watch that movie."


I'm an original backer, and I got one of the higher tier pledges too, but years back I was hearing all kinds of second hand negative developer rumblings and since then I just stopped following it entirely so as not to raise false hopes. This trailer made me optimistic for the first time in years.


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The Kraken Trailer was also amazing. Don't like the Company! Pirate Scum! Aegis Hardcore Fanboy..but the Kraken is for me a Ingame Target now.