Robert's games you have owned in your gaming career

Which of the below games have you OWNED during your gaming career?

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Rear Admiral
The front page posted to a poll on the RSI website about the first Chris Roberts game you played. That got me thinking about all the games I owned during my gaming career, created by Chris Roberts. Just like the RSI poll I would like you all to be honest. It's not all encompassing, but mostly all the WC's I've played at some point and the few from RSI poll too. Also, just a disclaimer, I'm sure there maybe some games not created by CR, but at least it's based around the same Universe, right?

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Prophecy, Privateer 2 and Academy are not Chris Roberts games. But I think you got pretty much everything else, other than his very early games (King Kong, Popeye, Wiz-Adore and Match Day.)


Vice Admiral
Apparently it's a fairly common piece of abandonware these days (not that I would know anything about such things).
In all honesty it should be abandoned ;-) I got it in a collection box say 20 years back. It's no fun. at all. I would not know why anyone would want to crack+upload it somewhere.