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I couldn't decide whether or not to put this in this forum, or the tech support forum. I chose this one. Anyway....

Last night, I got bored. So, I decided to see if I could isolate and extract the WCIV cutscenes. Using HCL's tre2list thingy, I was able to rip about 280 mb worth of movies off of disc 1. Unfortunately though, Thats not all of the movies. I didn't get the opening sequence, and nearly all of the mission briefing movies were missing.

I was wondering if anybody has done this before and knows where the missing videos are. They have to be there somewhere.

Also, I did the same thing for WC3, but I can't view the movies. Does anybody know what utility I need to use to view them?
You actually got some of the WC3&4 movies Gosh i have tried and tried but with no luck trying to rip them myself. Do you think you could send them to me at and mabey i can fianlly stop wasting my time with them and mabey I can tell you what is wrong with the ones from wc3!
You, uh, want him to send you 280mb worth of movies? Somehow, I don't think that's gonna work too well.

You cannot view WC3 movies, because there are no programs out here capable of playing them. The movies are not the same format as WC4, or at least they're different enough. There is one utility at the CIC Files' section that will let you play them, but the way it does it is to actually replace the intro movie in the TRE file with a segment of your choice, so that when you run the game you see that movie instead of the intro.

maybe somebody needs to write a utility to view wc3 movies like they did for wc4 (xanmovie). I would do it, but i don't think that i'm that smart.

Stunner: send me an email and I can email you the utilities i'm using and detailed instructions on how to use it if you want.
I NEED all of them but, The one I really really want is the opening movie up until the first mission. Thats the one I really want. If you happen to know what file number it is in the tre file, that would be good too.
To Bandit:
The ones for wc3 i am basicall after are the jumps and behemoth movies. if you have any of them?!
For wc4- jumps, capships, fighter, battle movies. The converstaions arent really that important but would be nice. If you would could you send them to either or

If anyone is interested I have made a program that integrates the Xanmovie Codec into Windows so you can play all the WCIV movies through Windows Media Player. There are still problems, the main one being that the sound doesn't work yet.

Also I can (like Bandit) DivX or ASF any of the movies (with sound) from the PC Version.

Zor Prime, the Intro movie to WCIV is the first entry in the movies1.tre file on disc 1. Why not just extract all the files from the movies1.tre in the first place though?
I have a progam for viewing wc3 movies.

There was a program written. it extracts the movies. Then to view them it replaces the intro movie using a very simple renaming process. If you want the files contact me.
it rips movies from the dos version of WC3.
The KSaga version of WC3 is not all that different from the DOS version... as far as I've noticed, it's just a different .EXE. Certainly, all the TRE files are the same, and that includes the movies which are some pre-Xanmovie format.

(that program Darkmage mentioned, which is available in the CIC Files' section, works just fine with both DOS and KSaga)
What a faggot, some bloke called KMoon has just posted on the CIC that he has found a way if integrating XanMovie into Windows Media Player! He bullshits on about examining code tables and stuff, seeing as I mailed the CIC a few months ago about having done it and they didn't respond I think it's time to set them straight.

Perhaps the fact that I have actually got an install routine for it might help, and if this KMoon is such and "expert" then it's kinda funny that his method also doesn't allow sound to work.

So did you want me to mail you the codec installer then Darkmage?
If the CIC didn't respond, then your e-mail probably got lost - you may have misspelt the address or something. Notably, the fact that your e-mail didn't get through doesn't mean that KMoon couldn't work it out by himself. So watch what you say about him. But hey, if you've got something to add to what he said, then by all means, send the CIC an e-mail.
If anyone is interested I have made a program that integrates the Xanmovie Codec into Windows so you can play all the WCIV movies through Windows Media Player. There are still problems, the main one being that the sound doesn't work yet.

We've been able to play the movies, without sound, for years without Xanmovie.

Yeah I would like that codec but still can anyone play the WC3 movies? I can't get them to work with Xanmovie.exe which I have. They're in .mve format.
All of them? Wow congrades! Do you think you could email some of the ones I talked about back a few posts to me???
How can I rip and play in-flight radio communication movies from DVD version WC4 movies*.tre files? These aren't AVI - extracted IFFs look like this:
0000000000: 30 30 64 62 84 09 00 00 │ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00dbД○
0000000010: 00 00 00 00 20 20 20 11 │ 0C 0F 0D 0A 10 12 13 0E         ◄♀☼♪◙►↕‼♫
0000000020: 16 14 09 15 0B 17 18 08 │ 07 19 1A 06 05 1B 1C 04  ■¶○§♂↨↑◘•↓→♠♣←∟♦
0000000030: 03 1D 1E 02 01 1F 21 22 │ 23 31 24 25 26 32 27 33  ♥↔▲☻☺▼!"#1$%&2'3
0000000040: 28 34 29 35 2A 36 2B 37 │ 2C 38 2D 39 2E 3A 3C 3B  (4)5*6+7,8-9.:<;
0000000050: 2F 3D 30 3E 3F 00 6F E1 │ 89 47 32 0F 6C 42 E2 C9  /=0>? oсЙG2☼lBт╔
0000000060: 3F 8C 0D 5A EA CF F2 AE │ 81 EE 21 1F B9 26 7B E8  ?М♪Zъ╧ЄоБю!▼╣&{ш
0000000070: 66 1C 27 C4 49 33 0F 20 │ 19 FC 14 E6 54 83 C9 3F  f∟'─I3☼ ↓№¶цTГ╔?
and HCl's wcmv don't handle them.
I need these movies for my WC4 Russian translation project.

Sorry for lifting so old topic.
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Hmm it's been a while, but i'm pretty sure those are essentially encoded in the same way as the Xan AVIs, only without an AVI header.

If you like, you can try unpacking the audio chunks with the following code (reconstructed from reverse engineering the EXE):

I'm pretty sure that would decompress the WC4 comm audio perfectly (my movie player uses that to unpack WC4 Xan audio).

Of course, (if i understood what you intend to do) you'd probably need to come up with an audio compressor in order to encode the Russian voice-overs...