RIP Gary Gygax

A sad day for tabletop RPers.

I think tonight I will be picking up a D20 and thank Mr. Gygax for helping to create a game that has led to nearly 20 years (at least for me) of fun and imagination.

Rest in Peace.
wait, what? I go away for a few days to do work and Gary Gygax dies? Well that certainly is a sad, sad day.

I've spent many an hour at a paper covered table with a bunch of sleep deprived nerds rolling away until the wee hours of the night. I'll certainly miss one of the founders of this thing we call Role Playing.
You know, this thread was doing so well in avoiding the done-to-death (no, not me) "saving roll failed" joke...

The question becomes - whats going to be written on his grave? "Killed by magic missle +3"?
Oh, heh, I get it, because he made Dungeons and Dragons. Good one. I suggest - no, insist - that you repeat these hilarious and wonderfully original jokes everyone on the internet as quickly as possible! Go! Go! The world needs your brilliant and clever wit!
Well, I think he had been suffering from a heart condition. He was semi-retired over the last few years due to a stroke or heart attack.

I was reading an interview with him and was interested to hear that despite the Tolkien influence on the original dungeons and dragons he was not a big fan of his work. The majority of the game was based off of older pulp fiction writers like Robert E Howard (Guy who created conan). Gygaz said in the interview that he did not like hobbits ~~~.
You can say, certainly for avid D&D and other RPG players, that he was Fame +10, Intelligence +10, with God Powers +1 per surge

All joking aside, this is sad news...but I know I've personally gotten a lot of enjoyment from the marks he left on the gaming world!