Retro Wc1 Ships made NEW!

Howard Day

Random art guy.
This is a little something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Old WC1 ships re-done and textured in a more current style, as if they were still in service. I will make these files available - if enough people want them. All were done in under 4 hours in 3DStudio MAX4.

The Raptor:

The Hornet:

And a little something I whipped up for VegaStrike... I don't know if HellCatV will use it, but it's a fair bit better than the models he's got now...

Enjoy, all!
Comments welcome!
Hey that are great models and textures, I would like to have them in our mod, so do you want to give them away to use?
Beside that, we could realy need a modeler/texturer of your qualities, so do you want to be part of our mod?
Wing Commander: Battlegroup Serpent is the name.
hey i'm making the civillian ships from privateer. would you like to get together and make all the privateer ships, and then implement a privateer version of vega strike?

oh ya, i'm making the model modular.
so you can have weapon bays, gear, etc.
and the upgrades would be visible
i can code that part into VS myself if i have to. would be cool.

also i'm doing a high poly version
an optimized version
a bump map that makes it look like the high poly version
gloss map
alpha map

these parts jsut for future compatability

and prolly 3 LOD's in all. a max one, one thats mostly there, and one thats just a few triangles that roughly characterize the ship. would make it run nicer in a game format.


btw sorry i cant post pics, strategyplanet and planetquake ftp accounts are both taking a crap.
uh wha? I feel so neglected j/k, um I've been making all the wc1/2/3/priv/armada/academy ships, I need just the priv kilrathi, some wc 1/2 capships/kilrathi fighters, then i'll be finished. The mod is Called wing commander universe, and it is for vegastrike.
darkmage < ya i heard about something like that, but i never knew who it was.

icq me at 4189579 and we can talk about stuff related.

Wow, nice. I haven't seen those WC1 ships look so . . . malevolent. I like the response also. The hot new gun shows up in town and everyone is trying to recruit him for their gang! :)

They are looking great and it only took you 4 hours ?:confused:

Hmm.....Very nice job, Hornet and RAPIER (not raptor) are very nice......The vegastrike Ship too.....

Looks like you got lot of job now,with these guys who asked your models
Wow. Thanks guys. I'm not interested in joining any mods right now - I'd hate to get too much stuff on my plate and never get any of it done. Right now I'm working on VegaStrike - The Starfighters, Bases and Locations. I've got quite a lot to do... :D
And yes, 'm aware that it's a Rapier, not a Raptor. Brain Freeze. :D
And I'm not particuarly new to this scene - I'm the guy who tried to start a little game called "Black Widow". Unfortunately, It didn't go anywhere, and Brad and I quit the project. Never the less, it was a lot of fun. Learning how to paint cockpits in Photoshop was an education too.
Here's the link:

I'll post the MAX scene files for the Rapier and Hornet in a bit.
Anyhow, Thanks again!
if you're working on vs, you're then aware of the modular-models idea thats looking like its gonna take shape right? ilke visible weapons, etc.

Can't get a good look at them right now (they're a bit dark for this monitor, and it's already at maximum brightness, contrast, etc), but from what I can see, they look great. It's been a long time since we've had artwork of this quality.
Here's the most recently completed model (The Firefly) Pretty sweet lookin, eh?


And the sketch that I drew to help the design process:

Here's the links to some more pictures:

And the Hornet .zip in Max4 format:

Well, that's it then.