Retro Collector Honors Wing Commander (April 29, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Here's a cute little Wing Commander tribute by Esteban Martinez. It may be only a few seconds long, but what it lacks in length it makes up for with clever little touches. At first it looks like just space is moving - watch the clip again and you'll notice the animated WC logo, lock signal and even hand on the joystick! This is a very cool idea. He also posts awesome retro hardware on Instagram, and who doesn't love that? Check that out here!

Hello Commanders.

My name is Esteban, and this is my tribute to one of my favorite game of all time: Wing Commander! I am a retro collector, and of course Wing Commander occupies a place of honor in my collection. Have a nice day

Music by: Li Huang of Improbable Cadence

Tiger's Claw by: Howard Day

Title vectorized by: elend

Original update published on April 29, 2021


I agree with ODVS, it is a very well produced tribute which brings back a lot of good memories. Way to go Esteban! 👍