Retro Art Project Creates Awesome 3D Effect (June 25, 2019)


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Retro Rat has put together an awesome diorama of a classic Wing Commander scene. He's posted a whole bunch of really clever video game settings where he's taken cardboard, foam or other materials and created a virtual 3D effect. In this case, he's highlighted a Hornet firing its guns at a Dralthi. The cockpit VDUs and windscreen have some wonderful depth and even the laser bolts cast a shadow. It makes me want to make one! You can find more of his innovative creations on Instagram or Facebook.

Wing Commander PC version diorama. One of my favourite PC games. I remember playing till the early hours of the morning with my buddies from school. #wingcommander #dosgames #pcgaming #oldschool #retrogaming #nostalgia #pixelart #pixel #papercraft #shadowboxart #spaceflight #spaceflightsimulator #tigersclaw #kilrathi
Original update published on June 25, 2019


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Wow, that definitely creates a 3D effect! Very well done! It looks like it's cut by pixel too!