Resurrected Fan Fiction Back in Action (May 20, 2010)


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Broadcast has reposted a variety of fan fiction from the late 1990s. Some of it should be familiar to old members of the WC Aces. The stories were originally sent out chapter-by-chapter via email, and different authors would pen individual parts. He's looking to wrap up some of the old unconcluded adventures, such as Battle Cry, Red Storm and The Armageddon Factor. Check out the CIC Fan Fiction Forum for more.

Captain Jim Cromwell stood on the bridge of the TCS Agamemnon,
wondering how this disaster had happened. This was the only carrier
that hadn't been hit (so far) by the damned Kilrathi. He had lost two
destroyers in the last hour, the Stardagger and the Merrimack, and his
own ship, the carrier TCS St. Nazaire. He and most of the crew had been
able to abandon ship, against his better judgement. He watched as the
six Cat ships, all of them Sivar-class Dreadnaughts, as well as their
fighters, ruthlessly attack his task force. His boys had taken one of
them out, and the boys from the rest of Ruchard's fleet had taken out two
more, but the Cats were still winning. He looked at the battle display,
seeing at least three times as many enemy dots as friendly. A spread of
torps leapt from the nearest Sivar and shoot towards his ship. "Deploy
the rest of the anti-torp missiles! Try to get a lock on their lead

"Lock acquired!"

"Fire! Full spread! Throw everything we've got at them!" The
torpedoes flew from the bays of the Agamemnon, many of them being shot
down before they ever got near the Dreadnaught. One did hit the big
ship's shields, but did little to it. "Prepare to fall back," he said.

Original update published on May 20, 2010
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I'm not entirely certain since all the data is at home, but I'm sure lying about in my archives are some form of the raw forum database data from when TEOC hosted the Aces' forums. If I can find them and someone wants it, I'm more than happy to turn over the forum data for someone to pick through.
We'd be happy to post it here for anyone to... do whatever people can do with that sort of thing.
I've been doing some old Wayback Machine dumpster diving as far as the WC Aces stuff. It's nice to see some of this is being preserved.
For us is was an issue of the RPG moving servers, I think and several of us decided to do backups incase something went wrong (talk about foreshadowing). I remember seeing the tables in the access db for the aces so it's just a matter of if that backup survived the computer meltdown five or so years back. That answer we should hopefully know in about 6 hours.
The same goes for any old classic WC websites that anyone have lying around on a CDR. We're more than happy to repost them permanently.

Also, you should send a blurb about your activities. We haven't mentioned anything in the news in a long long time, and I just noticed a few days ago that you're still actively doing stuff.
So I got home earlier than I originally thought what I have is a forum db (readable by Access) regarding the Aces ranging from 1/29/2001 to 12/26/2003. As for what's in the actual posts, I don't feel like going through almost 4300 posts to find out. Once I stripe the db of all IP related information and email addresses attached to it (color me paranoid). I'll upload it to our website and link it in so ya'll can do what ya like with it.

As for the RPGs activities we never stopped running while the site imploded/was dealt with. Advertising or even getting it back online wasn't our primary concern, but now that we're near a position to stop being under the radar I'll write something up and send it along.