Restart the War! (December 4, 2008)

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IGN is running an excellent article titled Franchises We Want Resurrected. Guess who's number two? They say:
Though it vies with TIE Fighter for the title of king of all space sims, Wing Commander was a different beast. Wing Commander was an epic space opera in every conceivable way; it featured memorable characters, a desperate war for survival, and a cinematic presentation that was well above the norms for its time. It also introduced a rich universe with plenty of storytelling possibilities, as evident by the fact that it spawned numerous sequels and even a disastrous movie. Meanwhile, the bitmapped visuals made Wing Commander the Crysis of its day. Toss in the fact that this was one of the first games that really made rich use of sound, and it was the killer app that helped launch Creative's Soundblaster audio cards. We'd love to see a modern-day Wing Commander, and given that EA still has a thing for live-action cutscenes (just check out Red Alert 3), we'd love to see Mark Hamill back on the small screen once again.

Original update published on December 4, 2008
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Well, personally I think it's a nice piece - I Have some pretty good memories from most of these games (hadn't played all of them).

However, I think they have a little mix-up - looks like they mistakenly switched first and second places... ;)


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I think it's cool that the 1st and 2nd place goes to space sim games, so there does indeed seem interest in such games. Too bad they didn't see that Arena was a step in that direction :(.
And they do seem to be pretty fixed on FMV for WC...

Though, probably it's just the gamers of old who are yearning for a new space sim in a classic style.


Ah yes...I remember buying my first Creative sound card specifically for WC2 on my upgraded 386 PC. Actually, I'd sold the game, bought my card...then the Navy officer I sold it to if I could grab the speech-engine 3.5" disks. Good thing he was a good guy...gave the game a great boost!


BTW, I remember playing with "fire" in the TIE Fighter series. There was a mission where you were flying a TIE Defender (if memory serves) and Vader was leading the flight. In the briefing before it, the briefing officer says at the last part, "Do not give in-flight orders to the Dark Lord".

I did anyway.

Multiple times.

Vader never did anything. Oh well, so much for getting Force Gripped...


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That specific mission was in an add-on package, i played through those with full speech, the only thing vader was supposed to do was live through it, and the only unique in the mission was that you could give him an order and he simply replied only with the breathing sound.


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I really hope something is in the works for us. Looking around and seeing other franchises getting a rebirth is great, but when's it going to be the big guy's turn?

I wouldn't care if I took the war back to the Kilrathi or the Nephilim. I just want to hear our own version of "Welcome Back Commander."....."In the future Mankind is locked in a deadly war..."