relations won't turn better



I tried to find an entry which seems similar to my problem but i couldn't find anything. I already played WCU for several hours but I could try everything but the realtion to the factions won't turn better, except kilrathy_insys. All other factions have "0" or turn to negative (I also noticed, that he didn't count all my kills). Now you can imagine that it is a little bit frustrating, when nearly every faction is against you.

I should also mention that in Privateer Remake I didn't had that problem.

I hope sb has a solution.
using message 3 A LOT helps if they aren't yet at -100. I have been pounding away on 3 when talking to the awacs and am getting no results.
Kill lots of Retros and pirates when first starting out. At one point I was friendly with both the Kilrathi and Confed at the same time, because they both hate pirates (which I find rather odd actually).
Thanks for your advices but i've already killed pirates and kilrathis and that didn't helped. So I tried to edit my savegame to get a better ship and then I've killed a kilrathy corvette and suddenly my relations with kilrathi increased to 70??? strange...

perhaps I should reinstall
Since there are 3 kilrathi factions in the 06 April 2005 code update, maybe deleting a line in the "" file in the "modules" folder might help with the kilrathi factions hating each other(kilrathi_insys vs. kilrathi):

(kilrathi,kilrathi,retro,retro,pirates), #firekkan --factions considered as enemies by the firekkan faction
(kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,confed,militia,retro,retro,hunter,hunter,hunter,), #firekkan --factions considered as enemies by the AWACS faction
(kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,confed,militia,retro,retro,hunter,hunter,hunter,), #AWACS --factions considered as enemies by the kilrathi_insys faction
(confed,confed,confed,confed,confed,confed,militia,hunter,merchant,kilrathi_rebels,kilrathi_rebels), #kilrathi_insys --factions considered as enemies by the kilrathi_rebels faction
(kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi_insys,kilrathi_insys,kilrathi_insys,retro,pirates), #kilrathi_rebels --ignored because only 15 factions were declared?

Deleting "(kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,confed,militia,retro,retro,hunter,hunter,hunter,), #firekkan" might possibly set things right.