Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!


Rear Admiral
So, sadly still no mod kit available, but Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is currently on sale on GOG for 3.79€.
Get it while you can!

I'm currently tinkering a bit with modding, but without the mod kit the possibilities are rather limited. I was able to e.g. double the cargo capacity of the ships, but overhauling the scanners doesn't look too promising. I would've liked to get rid of the non-locking scanners (seriously, those are a total waste), and instead offer something else for the highest tier (like longer range, faster missile locking, etc). But really the only thing that seems to be possible would be a reduced energy usage as a unique "feature" for the highest tier.
One thing that could be interesting would a rebalance of the weapons. Currently there don't seem to be any real synergies or combos between the weapons (think Freelancer).
I wonder what the Freelancer Crossfire mod team would be able to do with this game. Sadly it supports no multiplayer.