Read this before reading Confed Vengeance


Rear Admiral
After finishing Fall of the Flag
I have been in the process of writing another fan fiction based around the post events of the destruction of the Concordia

My fan fiction on 2628 and Sins of the Father will continue but will take a while before I finish it, just like Plywood Fiend with his Front Lines story it probably be another 90 odd chapters before I finish this crazy little project.
But anyway in my new fan fiction threat, "CONFED VENGEANCE" is another fiction project which I would like to get started on.
Any hoot any comments, suggestions and or what not please leave them on this thread and leave the CONFED VENGEANACE clear so it would allow myself and readers an easier time of reading instead of skippng comments before actually reading the fiction.

Enjoy the starter !!!


Rear Admiral
Chapter one is style of writing in a first person perspective was very interesting after reading Front Lines by Plywood Fiend.
It gave me some ideas and consider trying..
It was a bit hard but I did and going to keep going and see how it turns out..Otherwise I am happy with it.
I hope people enjoy the read...