Re-played WC from 1 through Prophecy


Has anyone built a computer that can play WC1 and all its addons through WC4 and the Privateer spinoffs without a problem with OS or speed?

I am currently rebuilding my library of WC disks and files and fould that its not as easy as I throught to get WC1 and 2 to fly right (no, I do not want to ask this in tech yet, since I just want opinion right now) I have been playing with tachyon and starlancer, when I found my old copy of WC4 Price of freedom and was able to get it working and playable. When getting some patches I found this site.

I really love what yall have done and wish I had known about this place ages ago.

Now that I have finally aquired my replacement copy of wc2 SPecOps 1 & 2 I was wanting to be able to relieve the glory of origin and the groundbreaking series for not just myself, but for my kids as well. So thus the question and request for opinions

Thank you! :D


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You can play all the old games using DOSBox. You don't need a special WC machine any more in order to play them.

Check the Tech Support can help you set up DOSBox and the Tech Support forum can help answer any additional questions.
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I have an old 98 PC that barely runs Prophecy, so it's pretty perfect if I'd for some reason want to play all my WCs on same computer. Though 1&2 need something like Moslo to slow down and WC1 seems to be the especially difficult one to set for too fast PC (except Crusade).


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My PIV 2.8GHz was enough to handle the entire WC replay from Vista, running in DOSBox until we hit WC:p and SO.