Rapier Redux


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Sorry to keep re-posting this stuff, but I've been waiting over a month a box to arrive. I was hoping to be able to show it to you guys by now.

Sooooo, I only have this to show you, and that's about it for now.

WARNING: These are in scale so far as the models are concerned. I scaled them according to how the ejection seats fit into the cockpits. May violate cannon dimensions. Your kilometerage may vary. :)


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Something neat finally came in the mail today! Pretty nice, even if I made the secondary tails too thin and they snapped off. A little light sanding took care of the ridges, and the extra cash I coughed up for the extra high resolution print really paid off. Check out those panel lines boy! If anybody needs me I'll be making zhooming noises and flying around the house. :)

I'll try and get some better shots once I get it painted!


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It's already green, that's the color Rapiers are :D

Seriously, though, that's super cool--I'm curious about the whole process! Can we turn any model into a real ship like this?
Wow! What's your shapeways store?

Those ships would look great in gaming size

I reckon you could make the Raptor a little larger... I can see it about 1/4 longer than the other craft (looking at cockpit size and the general feel of the thing). Just my 2 cents.
1. Was it done by SW, if so what storefront. if not then where.
2. can you rescale it for roughly 2.5-3 cm wingspan that would make them ~10USD to print and nice little ships to add to my collection.. Please oh please? I was eventually going to get around to modeling them for printing but Id rather not spend the time since you made nice models.
3. Hows the panel detail Did you add any armor/line/feature details or are they just smooth models.
Man what a couple of weeks this has been. Phew! I managed to throw a coat of grey on her and pick out some details. I'm particularly proud of the gold radiator.

Overall I'm happy with Shapeways customer service, delivery, pricing etc, but the "terracing" on some of the slanted surfaces is really frustrating. The panel lines show up beautifully, but in order to get a smooth transition on some of those terraced surfaces I've got to sand, and it's obliterating my panel lines!

I'll probably wind up going the CnC machine/Injection molding route if I make these available to the community, it's not quite up to my standards yet!

Also, speaking of work: Check out my conceptual design and visualization section on my company's website. The Rapier II is being used as example art at a genuine aerospace company! Now if I can convince my boss to move away from re-entry vehicles to full blown aerospace fighters, we'll have a REAL product on our hands!


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The panel lines show up beautifully, but in order to get a smooth transition on some of those terraced surfaces I've got to sand, and it's obliterating my panel lines!

First of all, that is extremely impressive - she's a real beauty! As for the panel lines, this happens to me often when I am trying to fill in gap lines between parts on models - I use a scribe tool to just re-add them, but I used to just use an Xacto knife and a straight edge - they don't have to be too deep to get the right effect with painting (especially if you use a light wash in the end.)

Really looking forward to seeing how she turns out! :)
Very impressive, the model looks like roughly 1/100 or?
I would be interested i getting some of these.
Best thing IMO, these are only based on WC desgns, so you do not need to fear any IP hassles...
Awesome excellent work Klavs!

If you ever find the time to do such a model of my favorite fighter (the "Arrow" obviously) like seen in my Avatar, then please contact me.
I would be more than interested (if it is possible) to buy such a model! (if it does not cost more than a few hundred dollars :D - including shipping to Germany)

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes

So I know this is kind of an old thread, but I am wondering how I would get my hands on one of these models. I'd be willing to pay a decent amount of money, I just don't know where to order from. Anybody have any ideas?