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So I logged in for a quick peruse of the latest news, and my rank has been knocked down to cadet! What gives?


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It's displaying as Captain now....

Kris would be able to answer this question the best. I think he's still doing a few things to the CZ but I could be wrong...


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uh, weird. that used to be a perk of getting 2000 posts or contributing to the community in a meaningful way. I was looking forward to setting an avatar but not like this lol.


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Well, the new forum gives you rather ugly grey crapatars if you don't set it, so I guess that's the reason to give everyone an avatar. Otherwise the lefthand column would be full of ugly grey blocks.

The old forum simply didn't display anything so it looks visually better. I suppose once the admins figure out how to fix it we'll be stripped of the avatars.

And right now, I can't figure out what I should use... decisions decisions... (I was waiting for 2000 points as well, maybe 2020 or so so I didn't have to make a decision for a long time).


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Yeah if I remember correctly this new forum software didn't allow for the same type of setup we had before. Everyone does get ugly gray boxes now if they don't input an avatar (or they get the male or female sex symbol if they enter that), but some things are in the works to make the forums more WC-orientated.

For now consider it a special gift from the CIC that you can have your own avatar early. :)


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Would it be possible to allocate everybody with a random avatar until they've set their own? I'm really appreciating the new layout and ability to have an avatar, but some forum areas (such as General Wing Commander chat) are covered in lines of those dull default gender symbols and question mark boxes for those with no avatar. Just a thought anyway, it would great if everybody had something.

Would it not be possible to choose 10 or so random avatars to be distributed to new users and those who haven't chosen anything yet?

Even if the default avatar was just the CIC logo, it would look better than those question marks...


There doesn't seem to be any way to predefine a set of avatars for users to (randomly) choose from. I did find a set of gender-based avatars that works a lot better with our dark color scheme. The CIC doesn't have an art department, so we'll welcome any contributions...


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Ah well, the ranks will get back i suppose. What's a WC forum without a ranking system ;)


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It's also a philosophical thing that's changed over the years. When we first set up the forums, there wasn't even a question because many people were still on dialup internet. It wasn't until years later that forum avatars became common, and by then, we'd already established our cool ranking system. As much as I like the ranks (and they still exist today in text form under your name), newcomers were constantly confused about how to set an avatar because it's a universal feature everywhere else today. As our fancy new forum gets more established and people set their own custom avatars, the generic placeholder images will also become less of an issue.