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gh0d (Administrator)
Homeless advocates protest Atlanta's proposed panhandling ban. (funny how their advocacy usually seems to be for homelessness, and not curing it).

As someone who's nearly been run over by a wheelchair-bound homeless person when they tried to shake me down, I have rather little sympathy for the notion that panhandling is a right...


Man shoots wife, then self, in hospital.

Makes you feel real good about hospital security in Atlanta, don't it? Almost makes you want to get hospitalized there... NOT.
Agreed on subject of said panhandling...

Agreed on subject of said hospital security...

I guess we're in agreement on the most recent news anyway. :)
McGruff in the other panhandler thread said:
Be glad the event isn't being held in SF, where panhandlers are actually PAID $320 CASH per month just for being panhandlers, on top of all the other food and shelter benefits that they receive. That way they can eat without having to worry about it interfering with the really important things like booze, drugs, and cigarettes - all at taxpayer expense.