Questions getting started


Hi all,

I've played through the remake and decided to give WCU a try. After installing and playing the game for a couple of hours, I have some questions.

1) I started out in the same base as in Priv but with a different ship - the Hornet. Is that supposed to happen? What happened to the Taurus?

2) Just an observation, but the Hornet seems really well equipped for a starter ship - i.e. full missile loadout, radar w/ ITSS, afterburner, and jump drives.

3) Achilles, the base where you start out, doesn't have a merc/merchant (one or the other, can't remember which) guild office, where it does in priv.

4) I like the hornet, but I'm having a couple of issues that make the game difficult. The first is I have no aiming reticule, making aiming somewhat difficult. The second is the examine target viewscreen doesn't display range to target info. Third, maybe I'm blind but I don't see the auto light, energy bars, or shields and armor display change when taking damage. Are these normal? Have they not been implemented yet in the cockpit displays?

5) Jump points seem to disappear as in after jumping into a new system, the jump point that I just came from isn't that glowing thing. all I see is the transmitter thing. Is that normal?

I think that's all. I don't mean to complain, especially when all of this is free. I appreciate all the work that's gone into this and understand this is a work in progress. Thanks a lot!


I think that the hornet is in the units.cvs file to encourage people to test it out. If you look in it there should be an entry called tarsus.beginreal (I think that was the name).
yeppers.... basically since WCU at this point is very much a work in progress, tarsus.begin is whatever ship I worked on last. Plus I wanted to show off the cockpit :)

(not my work, but you have to admit it IS very cool)