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I looked at the videos of the Hornet in the asteroids, as well as the WC1 intro redux. I was wondering...would it be going too far to expect the same quality of sound effects and rendering for Pioneer's actual gameplay? I ask because I was thoroughly impressed with how well the feel of the original games was displayed while also showing off outstanding modeling. I'd love to see a game like in those vids!:cool:

Howard Day

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Well, there's no reason the sound effects couldn't be of the same or similar quality - they're just sounds. The only real limit there is the memory we want to devote to them in the game - and most sounds aren't particuarly large.
As for the imagery itself...if will depend on what kind of system you're packing. Anything with at least a reasonable processor and a gig of ram should be fine. To get the really shiney stuff, you'll probably need a video card that supports Shader Model 2.0 or above. By the time this game sees the light of day those will be fairly cheap - under $50, most likely.
Even with the best possible system you'll still not be hitting quite as close to the pre-rendered versions as you might hope. I suspect you won't be able to tell, though. The game will be played at a much higher frame rate, and a much higher resolution - this helps cancel out some of the negitive effects of the lower-quality models..


Wulf has an interesting point about your fantastic CG video clip and it brings up another interesting question...will there be any movie clips in the game (i.e. an introduction clip similar to your remake of the Wing Commander 1 intro...)? I think that would be absolutely fantastic...although a good bit of work I'm sure.


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As planned I believe everything will be rendered 'in engine'. Since the 'plan' right now is to nearer to the final release have the player able to walk around bases and such, it will be a pain sure, but not altogether do-able. Also, I honestly feel that its very jarring to go from an insanely beautiful pre-rendered sequence to the low poly world. Keeping everything in engine allows for fluid transitions as well.