Pyranha Fighter Real Model ca 1:48

Jacob Hudson

Als ich durch Deacan erfahren hatte, das es eine Möglichkeit gibt, WC Model aus Papier zu basteln (pepakura), hab ich mir überlegt. warum Papier? Nimm doch gleich Kunststoff! Gesagt getan! Ab in Bastelshop...

Basierend auf das Papiermodel habe ich versucht dies mit Platik-platten nach zubauen. Leider stoß ich hin und wieder auf probleme, die ich dann zu meinem Bedauern nicht 1:1 vom Original umgesetzt habe.

Er ist zwar noch nicht fertig, aber ich denke er kann sich so schon blicken lassen, oder? :)

Es ist ja mein erster versuch... Beim zweiten werde ich dann Schritt für Schritt festhalten und zum nachbauen Anleitung und Tipps liefern...






Ser Jacob "Nox" Hudson
I'm don't know German...

the CIC has reported on Paper Wing Commander Models that are available for download on the net before:


So this model of yours is based off the Paper Model but is made of plastic? Is it lego? One of the pictures kind of looks like that. That's pretty neat either way. Please let us know how it turns out when its done. :)

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Damn thats a professional job on that beauty, speaking from experiance i know how much time and efforts gone into it.
Just curious, is the cockpit going to be detailed with a clear canopy? If so how do you plan to detail it with so little known about the internals on WCP ships.
One other thing, Have you considered making a resin-cast kit from the plastic ship? I bet more than a few people would be willing to buy such a thing.
It looks like a really really nice model, and hopefully next time we'll get some color pictures. I'm not really a fan of grayscale stuff.
Fist of all: yes, it's plastic, not paper. The interior can be made of different "figthercrafts", lke the F-16 or other modern jets.

And second: Hudson? Great work, but wrong thread... I think this will be more useful inside the news section...

Anything special planed about the paintjob?

Deacan said:
Fist of all: yes, it's plastic, not paper. The interior can be made of different "figthercrafts", lke the F-16 or other modern jets.
Yeah i was toying with the idea of using the cockpit and canopy of an A-10 inside a paper Hellcat to see how it fits, I was wondering more along the lines of how it would be arranged, since we never get a real look inside its cockpit. (Hell after WC3 the only other ship the player gets evan a quick look inside is the Banshee.)
Here's my translation attempt:

Piranha Fighter Real Model, approximately 1:48 scale

From my experience with Deacon, I knew that it was possibile to build WC models from paper (pepakura), then I thought, why paper? Just do the same in plastic! Said and done! Off to the hobby shop..

Based on the paper model, I attempted to build the model with plastic plates. Unfortunately I came acoss problems again and again, which were because I did not convert 1 to 1 from the original to my regret.

It is not yet finished but I think that It can already be viewed. Don't you agree :)

It is my first try... By the second try I will write down and supply step by step guidance and building tips.​
that looks excellent.
And I went to the site of the Wing Commander pepakura guy, but the link to the paper MechWarriors is fubar... :( Anyone ever got the files? That Timberwolf looks awesome.
Are you talking about those:
The font setting seems to be shot (Asian encoding?), but the site is okay. Just click around until you see the models, the plans come up right.

And about the plastic model abobe, I gess Hudson just used plastic sheets instead of paper and built the Pepakura model according to plan.
I guess you can use polyethylene sheets like you get for small repair work, but I'd be intereted anyhow - what's the materialn and how did you get them together? Glue? Adhesive strips?
Sorry for the bad spelling in the last post, I was trying out my new PDA and couldn't get the screen setting right.

Anyway, whatever the stuff is, it may be called different names in different countries, so that's why I was speculating on the material. Even in hobby stores, you get lots of different varieties of thickness, flexibility, and chemical properties (such as resistant to sunlight, ability to be glued or welded,etc.), and I'd like to know which one would be best suited.