Purchases going missing

Weird Al

Yesterday a friend of mine bought a tractor beam enhancement -- one of those that attaches to a gun you already have -- and when he launched he couldn't use it. Turned out that it hadn't even been installed on his ship, and yet the money had been taken out of his account for it.

Just now I started a new game (the game loaded into the game I was playing last) and bought, straight away, another laser for my Tarsus. I discovered that, when I fired, I only had one laser being fired. Pressing G made no difference. Docking, I had a look, and there's only one laser on my ship! And no matter how many lasers I buy, there is always only one laser on my ship. And yet, whenever I buy one, I get charged for it.


When I tried to buy a mass driver instead, it asked me which mount point I wanted, and they both had lasers in them. I pressed cancel and took a shufty at my ship and now I have the lasers I bought. Well -- I have one of the lasers I bought, anyway.


Tractor capabilty does not add a tractor beam to a gun you alreqady have; it adds the ability to add a tractor beam to that mount. After you purchase the tractor capability, you must then purchase a tractor beam and place it on the mount that you gave tractor ability to.