Prowler Screenshots Show Off Robot Battles (July 27, 2018)


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Anatoly Shashkin posted some pretty nifty preview images of the canceled Origin game, Prowler. This was a mech combat game that some of the Super Wing Commander team worked on in the mid '90s. It never saw the light of day, so there's not much info out there, but the CIC has archived the game's box art, concept sketches and back story. It looks pretty dated today, and these are still pre-release shots from early in development, but this had the potential to be another neat Origin sci-fi series along the lines of MechWarrior. Thanks to Pelinal for the tip!

Promo shots from the cancelled ORIGIN #NotDOS game Prowler (Prawler/Storm Troop)
Original update published on July 27, 2018


it reminds me of the cancelled Grey death legion game based on the Battletech arcade machines for the SegaCD