Prophecy Problem ...


I have a Duron 1.2G KT133A with WinXP Pro
SB Value Digital 5.1
GF2 MX400 with 64 MB

I can installed WC Prophecy without any problem and the game playing is ok.
But the movie playing is too "skipping"/too "fast"

I tried to disable the sound aceleration, Then the movie playing became better. I'll say 90% OK, But still a little bit skipping ...

Anyone please help ....



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it MIGHT be the sound card... Prophecy gets pretty mad if it has to use anything other than a Creative SoundBlaster.


well what Creative Labs sound card should you use? The best one available that works on Prophecy that is.


I have been having the same problem that all of you are with the choppy and skipping movies.
Current System Specs:
AMD Athlon TB 850
Asus KT-133 Mainboard
Windows 98
256 MB PC133 SDRAM
nVidia GeForce 2 MX-400 32 MB AGP
Gamesurround Fortissimo 2 PCI Audio
56x CD Rom max
30 GB 5200 Western Digital ATA100 HDD

I have been experiencing 2 difficulties with this game: choppy movies and the targeting reticles do not appear correctly. Through a twist of fate, when I upgraded from my aging K6-3 processor, the motherboard at the time was a FIC VA-503+, I had origionally gotten a Shuttle Spacewalker AK-10 and that is when the reticle problems started. After changing my SB 16 PCI card to the Fortissimo 2 because the 16 could not play MP3's properly, the MP3 audio was all crackly and totally unreadable, the MP3 problem was fixed but the movie skipping bug sat in. I then changed to a SY series motherboard (wish I could remember the exact make and model) and both problems disappeared. While the manufacturer was different, the board was almost identical to the Shuttle Spacewalker AK-10 in terms of specs and capabilities, but an EM surge toasted it through the internet on the second day and I replaced it with the Asus KT-133 and both problems set back in again. So my conclusion is that your problems can be fixed or are at least caused by a conflict by your motherboard's management of it's resources, the one we all agree on at the minimum is the sound cards. If anyone gets any more details on how to resolve these problems, I'd greatly appreciate it.