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Kilrathi Prophecy MP3 Up For Grabs (September 21, 2006)

Today we have the Wing Commander Prophecy 'Tome of Sivar' intro encoded as an mp3 by TomGaines. A lot of people ask for these sorts of things, so hopefully the file will be useful to some people. This could be an extra long system startup sound, or maybe it'll just psych you up for some bug-hunting. You can download the 720 kilobyte mp3 here. Another common request, the Wing Commander 2 intro movie, is also available here.

Original update published on September 21, 2006
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Hey there!

I bought a new PC and want to theme it Wing Commander Style. As Startup Sound, I would like to use the Prophecy from the Tome of Sivar. However, I only have the german Version of the game, but I'd rather use the english Version. If someone would be so kind to upload the sound of the intro movie (until Casey and Maestro appear), that would be very appreciated :)

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There was a similar request last year on a German Wing Commander forum. I still have the extraction of the audio I provided then still on my hard drive.
I have uploaded it now to my webspace again. Grab it from here.


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criticalmass said:
Have you looked at that? Extracting the sound should be quite easy..

The Prophecy Advance intro does not have speech, although it is amazingly faithful to the PC intro otherwise.
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Im going to be blunt here. But are those two screen shots taken of the never-before-seen Prophecy DVD? They look great.


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I'm not sure, but they may have come from one of the trailer videos.

I had four minutes of the intro audio (until just before Casey and Maestro land on the Midway) encoded in VBR LAME and super-sampled to 44 kHz on my web-site up until only recently. As I recall, it's not too hard to use Game Audio Player to extract the audio.


First of all thanks for the replies, but:

The two postet mp3s are just the first minute, but I would need like the first 4 minutes, right until Maestro and Casey appear.

Secondly: I cannot extract the Audio myself, because I just have the german version of the game^^

Wedge: Yes, I looked at your site (very impressive this game transcript of yours), but unfortunately, the specific file ( is not found :(

So if you could re-upload it or send to me, that would be very appreciated.

Best regards, cmw