Prophecy I have Questions, but cannot find answers.

I,am a SIm pilot from way back when there were only green and amber screens on "P.C.'s that ran at 1,ooo,ooo,ooo,oooth, the speed they do now. I went to the starWars Premere in New Orleans in the 70's as a teenager. I was given Prophecy as a gift from a friend last year and am interested in locating as much info as possible.. To play the game to it's end, however the web site is or was as old as me (or just a little younger). But it doesn't exist anymore...Where can I find manuals or guides to this Sim...All help would be appreciated.
My thanks
James Ghost Walker
Just head over to - there's a help file any some patches you may need.

Another good resource is Wedge009's site -

Have fun!

(NB: Some people [including me] may argue that Prophecy is not the best start into the WC universe. To get a feel for the story while also having the FMV eye candy, I'd recommend WCIII - but that's just totally personally biased and not to be taken by any means mandatory. But I'll say it anyway.)
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i disagree.

i think you need to start from the beginning. you'll get a better feel for it all and enjoy it more, in my humble opinion, of course.

but, whatever floats your boat.
WCP is probably the most playable WC for todays standars. It think it's a good intro.
The older games' gameplay is less smooth.

There is a LOT of information about WCP in the
Just look around :)
Plebe said:
You gotta get WC111 and WCIV. They will spoil you, and maybe prophecy, but you won't be sorry.

Wow, when did they make the 111th WC? I really missed out on the ones from 5-110.
d3r3k said:
i disagree.

i think you need to start from the beginning. you'll get a better feel for it all and enjoy it more, in my humble opinion, of course.

but, whatever floats your boat.
Although a good idea, starting from the begining can be an expensive endevor. Most people, especially if they are just space sim fans and don't have the type of extreme love for Wing Commander that most people here have, wouldn't want to spend 150 dollars for three PC games that were made in late 80's-mid 90's. And Ebay isn't always the best either, trying to get the originals to run on XP might be something a normal player might not want to bother with.
Although we have learnt how to run all wc in win xp, it is kinda annoying to make'em work and you even don't know if you'll like it, ehehehe.
And he's got WCP already. So, give it a try.
Judging by the standards of todays graphics, the best Chris Roberts game is probably Starlancer. However, I have a stronger attachment to WCIII. This brings up a ? for all of us old school WC buffs: how much of the games are still really good and how much of it is sentimental attachments (like old 80's tunes that show up on the radio and would probably really suck, except they have happy childhood memories attached.)? Well, for this threadstarter (JamesGhostwalker), I would STILL recommend playing WCIII when you're done with Prophecy. Even if the graphics are bad by todays standards, the acting of Mark Hamill (esp. for an old school Star Wars buff like you James), John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, the guy who played Biff from Back to the Future, and others along with an excellent script make for a very rich experience. If you were playing flight sims way back in the days of green screens, I'm sure you'd also enjoy starting from WCI (I've never played I or II, but people here tell me they're awesome). Oh, what I'd give to have my Chris Robert's games virginity back, so I could experience these games again for the first time!!

To answer JamesGhostwalker's original question, this link deals with all the WCP missions: Just see the WCP on the right and click on the mission you want to learn about.
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If you decide to stick with WCP I would suggest studying the time line so that when something older is brought up you wont be scratching your head going "huh?" Its far more enjoyable when you know whats being referred to. Especially some of the jokes and familiaraity with the older characters
Indeed, if it is possible to play them all, that would be for best. And certainly WC3/4 have the best FMV. But is FMV all there is to WC? I would say no. Maybe it's just because it was my first WC game, but I would say that WC2 did the best job in terms of the overall story of the war with the Kilrathi.