Prophecy Gold


Can anyone out there with a copy of Prophecy Gold tell me if the fiction (episode files) are included on the CD or if it is just the actual missions themselves before I go trawling the shops (have seen it as part of an EA compilation from time to time) and ebay. Downloaded them all as they were originaly released but that HD was wiped long ago unfortunatly.
The text fiction is not on the WCP Gold CD. Though their reasons for doing so aren't clear to anyone (ie, not us and not the WCP team), EA Germany demanded that the fiction *not* be included in WCPGold.
Probably they didn't want to translate it then I'd guess!

You can download the fiction from my website
Wing Commander: Secret Ops Offline Fiction (4067k) - the same as in the file section here
Wing Commander: Secret Ops Offline Fiction Addon (266k) - the copyrighted files that are missing from the above pack
They did translate it, though - all the fiction was available in German at Which just makes the mystery bigger.
MOST of the fiction was translated.
I am not sure if the prelude ever was (too lazy to look). At least the Blue Horizon never was :-P
Maybe they knew how bad the Germans rated in the Pisa study and decided that they won't get so much text anyway ;-)