Prologue campaign?


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Hello Saga Team,

Hate to bug, but any update as to the release date of the prologue? Any new info at all?

In short: the development of the prologue campaign is finished. Only movies (about 50% done) and the interface remain on our to-do list. I will post a more detailed status report in a few days.
Don't worry, Striker. The hammers are ringing quite loudly in our cutscene workshop, and they are turning out some very, very nice things. I think you're going to like them. But, as Tolwyn said, he has an update coming. He'll tell you more... (mysterious voice) in his own due time.

Goodness, I'm in an odd mood today. Sorry about that! :)
Are you guys rendering the cutscenes offline to be inserted as standalone movies or will you be using the in-game engine for them?

Looking forward to playing the prologue!


To clarify, the cutscenes are not rendered using the game engine (although the game engine looks nice enough, I wouldn't be ashamed if they were). The cutscenes are made using the program Tolwyn mentioned. I will say, they are looking rather nice, as well. You're in for a treat.
are the cutscenes viewable from within the program? or will we have to exit/tab out to watch the cutscenes like in Unknown Enemy? (not that there were cutscenes outside of UE, but the reader at least)
Of course. As long as you have the codec installed. And in any case movies will be iside a *.vp archive (it is a container format, comparable to *.tre)
I don't think so. Even if the current Beta is playable und allready a lot of fun it still has some ugly the Thunderbolld having a near infinit power supply for its guns. Sure its fun to blast everything to bits with it, but its not how the Thunderbold was and will be when we have fixed it.

Since all of the team that are working directly with the program...just three people...are having a hard time just before chrismas....exams, finals exams and a lot of work that has to be done before chrismas/new year.

Maybe this keeps you happy so long.