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And part two of chapter one:

“Well, this better be the mess hall or I’m gonna be pissed,” Roman growled in exasperation. The door was clearly marked so the comment was little more than rhetoric.

Wolf shot him a disapproving glance that said you’re the fucker who should have kept his trap shut instead of being a smart ass. After a moment he began ”You know what, Lieutenant Stotch? I don’t know what your trying to pull, But I’ve only known you for an insignificant amount of time. So tone it down if you ever expect me to back you up.”

“Hey man, its cool. I’ was just trying to break into the mould.”

“Whatever, Roman. Just remember who’s on your side. The last guy you want to piss off is the one that fixes your fighter. Now…” Wolf sighed. He wasn’t really sure why he was taking the time with Wild Thing. Maybe he sensed something reassuring about him. Or maybe it was as simple as the commonality of their being the two newest pilots on the Hoover. He continued: ”Now, before we go in there, I’ve never been one for first impressions, so you watch my back, and I’ll watch yours.” Roman nodded.

Wolf hated this part of new assignments. He wasn’t sure what it was about fighter pilots, but he couldn’t stand the pride and arrogance of the showmen – those pilots who lived, not to defeat the kilrathi, but to one up their fellow comrades. He always felt as if the other pilots were suspiciously eyeing him up to determine what kind of threat he posed to their ego’s.

The door slid open to reveal the cafeteria. Various vending machines and dispensing unites surrounded a number of tables, three quarters of which were occupied. The smell of French fries and some kind of meat concoction was wafting over from the galley. Wolf didn’t find it the least bit appetizing.

One of the tables in a far corner near the food line-up had that air that Wolf so dreaded. Six pilots sat at the table eyeing Wolf and Wild Thing as they entered the room. They set their bags against the wall right next to the entrance. No one else seemed to even notice their entrance as they walked to one of the few free tables, which just happened to be the one next to the

One of the pilots, a musician who went by the call sign Beatnik, was playing his rendition of “Take 5” on his clarinet. He had joined the war for the experience. He felt that it would help him put more soul into his music. The Pilot next to him – Jackknife - tapped his arm and motioned to him to look up. As he let the clarinet drop from his mouth the room fell unnervingly quiet. Now all eyes were on Wolf and Wild Thing.

“Ah! Fresh meat.” sneered Jackknife. Jackknife looked as though he would make a better marine than a pilot but his kill score proved that he was just as effective as a pilot.

“Excuse me,” Wolf said as he and Roman took a seat at the adjacent table? He glanced briefly at the rest of the table’s occupants. A pilot who went by the call sign Cupid sat next to Beatnik. She was a French woman who for the most part was very kind and gentle. Her demeanor betrayed her ability as a pilot however, in which she ruthlessly expressed her love for her enemies. She feels that it’s necessary to love the ones you kill. So she would shower the target in red-hot kisses from her laser cannons. And she loved holding the controls to the guided missiles between her legs and sending one off into the enemy’s tail pipe.

Shadow, never said much, or appeared to do anything for that matter, but he was ruthless in combat. Next to him was Player is a man who had only joined the Confederation for the women, or so he said. But he hadn’t been very successful in finding any who would take him seriously enough to let down their inhibitions yet. Peasant tended to be very modest about his achievements, but still allowed a sense of overwhelming pride in that to which he would admit. He had taken down hundreds of Kilrathi, including carrier class vessels.

Jackknife had another trait that proved useful in combat but ineffective around others: Not knowing when to quit. “You’re new here. Nothing more than another bunch of academy noobies.” Wild Thing was ready to jump from his chair but Wolf motioned him to sit back and calm down with a quick gesture of the hand. Jackknife went on “I just hope I don’t have you on my wing trying to shoot at the enemy through me.”

Wolf leaned forward in his chair, half prepared to jump up if the situation called for it. He took a close look at Jackknifes rank markings and then said in a muted tone that still projected his anger “Who do you think I am Private? Do I look like a child…”

Jackknife suddenly realized his mistake in addressing a Lieutenant. “No sir.”
“Yes, well Wild Thing,” Roman offered a little wave, feeling more than a little uncomfortable, “and myself may be new on this ship, but mark my words that I will not hesitate to shoot through you if you greedily get between me and my kill.””

At that Jackknife leapt at Wolf from his seal, which meant over the table. But moments later, beatnik and Peasant had managed to drag Jackknife back into his seat, but not before he had laid one good solid left handed hit on Wolfs right cheek.

“Take it easy,” Beatnik demanded.

“Hey!” Cupid finally spoke which for some reason had the effect of making everyone pay attention. “If were going to be fighting on the same side you’re going to need to learn to get along.” She paused for moment as the rest began to settle back into their seats. “The least we can do is get to know each other before we die.” As the crowd began to return to an easier state she stood from her seat and stepped over to Wolf and Wild Things table. Facing them she placed her hands on the back of a chair and leaned on it. In behind her Beatnik again picked up his clarinet and began playing where he had only moments before left off.

Wild Thing looked up until his eyes met Cupids. It was as if she was examining them, trying to assess whether or not they were going to be trouble. “What’s got him so worked up,” he asked her?

“We’ve had five attacks in only a three days and have lost many pilots in the process,” she replied, “so like beatnik here said” she motioned towards beatnik as he continued to play, “take it easy.

“I guess we did kind of get off on the wrong foot. So I’ll start again. This here is Wild Thing, and I go by Wolf.”

Motioning to the table at which she had been sitting, each of the pilots either nodded or waved as she mentioned their names. “This here is Beatnik as you know, and then next to him is Shadow, Player, Peasant, and of course, I think you’ve been introduced – minus the name – to Jackknife.”

“It’s a damn good thing we’re leaving this system.” Said Jackknife. “I’m getting a little tired of always running defence.” Just then lights started flashing and sirens began wailing for the attention of all the pilots. “Speak of the devil,” he muttered.

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lazarusryu said:
I'm saving the fight scene for the second chapter, I'm going to take my time and make it elaborate...

... I just need to do a few more things and the second chapter will be up tonight.
Should be fun! That I'm looking forward to working with.


Sorry about taking so long and not posting this on Saturday as promised, I accidently deleted the file I was keeping the story under and had to rewrite it.

Chapter 2

Twelve fighters (Six Rapiers, four Hornets, two Raptors, and two Scimitar) launch from the Hoover. “Here we go…” Says Jackknife.
What is only 15000 meters away…is not the Kilrathi but a group of twenty pirates riding in Razor class fighters. The Razors fire their afterburners. “Yeeehaa! Time to kill us some fuckin’ pansy assed Confed!” The Leader of this force screamed into his COM.
Cupid activated her Communication console. “Get ready…” The fighters are now just 10000 meters away. Sweat started to run down Wild Thing’s face. “Break formation and engage!” Cupid yells. All the fighters break apart, except for one.
The pirates open fire.
The lesser pilot is bombarded by the laser blasts and his shield starts to give out. He screams as the laser heats up the inside of his Rapier and he helplessly covers his face with his arms. The firing stops, he lets his arms down. He sees a dumb-fire missile coming towards him. “Hold on!” The missile rips through the cockpit glass and explodes. The small fragments tear the flesh from his face as the flames burn it away. The entire ship erupts into several pieces.
Jackknife fires a missile and takes out the right wing of one of the Razors. The pirate looses control of his craft and turns into another pirate’s fighter, causing them both to blow up. Another fighter sweeps through the debris, heading right for Jackknife.
“Your fuckin’ dead!” Screamed the pirate.
He gets right behind Jackknife and he can’t shake him. Jackknife smiles and releases a counter-measure. The counter-measure smashes right into the pirate’s view port, cracking it. “Damn it!” The glass cracks some more…and more. The pirate starts trembling. The glass blows out into the vacuum of space and the pirate with it.
Four fighters are chasing Peasant but he’s calm. He throws the thrusters in reverse and rolls his Scimitar, avoiding a collision with the other ships. When the fighters go past him, he fires. Two of the fighters ignite taking the other to with them.
“Great shot Peasant.” Remarks Jackknife.
Cupid is chasing down one of the fighters who is chasing one of the other lesser pilots. She’s almost got a lock. “Just give me a few more seconds…” Says Cupid.
“I can’t shake him!” Screams the rookie.
The pirate fires a missile and the rookie screams as his Hornet goes up in flames. Cupid gets a lock and fires a heat seeker. The pirate pulls up but the missile follows him. Cupid watches him as he helplessly tries to avoid the missile. “Adieu bébé” She blows a kiss as the missile tears into his ship.
Player, Beatnik and another rookie are keeping busy with seven fighters.
“I got this one” Says Player as he gets a lock on one of the fighters. Another fight comes by slightly hits his fighter as he fires. “Shit!” He screams as he loses control of his fighter and ejects. The missile misses his initial target and slams into the rookie, taking out his Raptor.
Beatnik just finished with two fighters and looks for another target. A pirate gets behind. He manures around but the pirate is on him like glue. “I have you now!” Screams the pirate.
“He’s got a lock!” Says Beatnik.
Before the pirate pulls the trigger a missile comes down on top of his, destroying him. Wolf flies through the debris. He flies right past Beatnik and fires his laser cannons at another pirate. As the pirate’s ship explodes he fires a heat seeker at the ship closest to it. Wolf turns his Rapier up ward and destroys a pirate trying to get behind him.
“Holy shit, Wolf’s on a roll.” Says Beatnik.
Two fights are chasing Wild Thing. Wolf takes one of them down and the other gets off of Thing. Wild Thing turns around and hits the afterburners. He fires at the ship that chased him and destroys it. He then gets on Wolf’s wing and Wolf rolls away from him.
Six ConFed fighters get in formation. “Where are the others?” Asks Cupid. Shadow joins them.
“Dead.” Replies Shadow. “The rookie too…”
“I’m still reading Player” Says Beatnik.
“I’ll get him.” Says Thing. Wild Thing makes his way to Player’s pod. Player looks upset; his head is hanging low. “Alright, I’m taking you in man.”
“No…” Whispers Player. Player looks up at Wild Thing.
“It’s okay man…”
“It’s not fucking okay…” Says Player, almost crying. “Not at all.” He pulls out his blaster and puts it under his chin.
“No! Wait!”
Player pulls the trigger and the contents of his skull splatters across the back paneling of the pod. Wild Thing turns his head, not believing what happened. He activates his tracker beam and takes him in anyway.


Victory, you say?
Progressive Darkness should have something to do with Hegel and Russeau... Progressive ideologies bring too much darkness into the world.