Problems with afterburners and missles


Hello. I have been having problems with purchasing any type of missles after I use them in my starter fighter. Also, my speed has dropped from its maximum to a slow 370. Max after burner has also dropped to about 970. I cant outrun anything.

Any reason why I am having these problems?



Hmm just rebooted the game and reloaded my saved game and my missle count and speeds have been brought back to normal. This never reseted itself like this before. Hope this stays this way.

Edited to add.

Just found out there was a price to pay for my ship being brought back up to speed so to speak. I lost everything that I had bought to upgrade it with. I was given the same stock ship that I started the game with. What gives?


I have no idea why this would happen--did you remember to save? did you use a old savegame? what if you loaded a savegame where you had a speed of 370?


Nah. I just bought myself a demon and just left the banshee back on the pad. Took the banshee out for a spin to compare the 2 birds and never noticed this till now but I have like 165 cargo units? I have never monkeyed with any of the save games nor anything to do with this game. Am I the only one to have this type of problem?

I have been reading u can fly a talon ? Arm your ship wtih stormfire? Where do I get these goodys?

BTW, thank you to the makers of this game. This was one of my fave games of my youth.