Problems running Saga


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So I finally got myself an XP box and d/l'd saga. When I hit commit after the briefing is done the game freezes and crashes back to the desktop.

System specs:

XP Service Pack 2 version 2002
P4 2.4 GHz w/ 512 RAM

It's a Dell Inspiron laptop. The laptop was completely clean when I got it with fresh install and disk.

direct3d is now officially broken.

did you change game's configuration?

which gpu arer you using?

are drivers up to date? :)
There should be a .exe called launcher in the Saga folder... If you open that, it should give you a bunch of options, such as D3D or OpenGL. There are tabs at the top for selection.
It was set on OpenGL.

The drivers for this machine should be up to date. I literally just got it as a handme down from my dad and he had clean installed everything on it.
Entries from the error log:

wcsaga caused an Access Violation in module ialmgicd.dll at 001b:0b9aab13.
Exception handler called in FreeSpace 2 Main Thread.
Error occurred at 5/30/2007 22:09:52.
C:\Program Files\Wing Commander Saga Prologue\wcsaga.exe, run by Jason.
1 processor(s), type 586.
511 MBytes physical memory.
Read from location 0000014c caused an access violation.
No. I tried playing around with a few settings but it keeps crashing at the same spot. Have since given up.
Sound: Sigma Tel C-Major Audio

Graphics: Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV controller

Think that's it. Been a while since I've navigated around XP.
Hmm... well, that onboard gpu might be the cause of your problems. I had to update my drivers (got new ones from intels website). Did you try DirectX mode? It is still functional (sort of) in the exe supplied with Saga.