probems running KS in Vista Home Pre.


Hello There,

First off I'm sorry if I'm about to ask a for help on ground that may have been covered already.

I've read how well WCKS is supposed to run with Vista, so I've just recently acquired WCKS from e-bay and was very excited to install it. To my chagrin WC 1 & 2 load from the start menu, and I hear sound but the graphics are all scrambled. I have tried running it in compatability mode but there wasn't any change. I was hoping that someone there could instruct me on how to fix this problem.

I'm running vista home prem. x32. My CPU is AMD 3500+, 3Gb of RAM, and an nvidia 7900 gt

WC 3 seems to start alright and play fine but I have not tested it in detail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Happy ending (for once)

Well my graphic problem seems to have solved itself.

I tried many things in order to get WCKS 1&2 in playable shape. That includes reinstallations of both game and graphics drivers, disabling UAC and windows updates. Nothing seemed to work.

Then I started to run WC1 again to try to solve the problem but lo and behold my version was playable. Why? Who knows, it just is. I think it was probably the graphics driver but I can't be certain as I don't know enough about that kind of stuff.

I have now added the expansions for WC 1&2 and they all seem to work fine as well as WC III.

Vista is indeed very WC friendly.

Thank you to any and all who may have given this problem of mine any thought or time.


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It's good to hear your problem got fixed. Like you've shown, it's definitely possible to get KS to run smoothly, but it might take some tweaking. If you're interested in any other part of the series, don't hesitate to get the DOS versions on eBay. They run even better than the Windows versions in many cases via DOSBox.