I can't get Priva ter 1 to work it says something about dos memory my system specs are PENTUIM 2 333 64MB RAM 8 GIG HARD DRIVE DVD DRIVE

and it's an HP Pavilain. thanks

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Ah, this old problem again....

I'll need the following info from you:

contents of config.sys
contents of autoexec.bat
contents of dosstart.bat (which is in C:\Windows)

Also, it would be helpful if you could give me the output of the mem /c command. You may have to pipe it to a file, like this:

mem /c > mem.txt

This will create a file called mem.txt that contains the output of the mem /c command. You can then just edit the file and copy the contents to your next post.


Hm... Came here to post the same problem, and I find this. I get an EMS error. My specs...

PII, 400 MHz, 128MB RAM, DVD-Rom Drive, 8 Gig Hard Drive

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SW: What is your sound card? Perhaps companies have decided that it's getting late enough that full legacy support is no longer necessary, and the drivers only provide partial compatibility. I used to have a similar problem with an old Ensoniq SoundScape card, where the tachyon cannon sound would stutter (along with the rest of the game whenever I used them). It's possible that a driver update will fix the problem.

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