Privateer: The Reckoning OpenSP Beta v4.65 Feedback

I'v just installed it, and i got Serious sound glithes!!!!! Every sound goes into distortion, and in flight, its even worse, its almost noise continously. :( dunno why.. i got SB Live! with latest drivers. It worked ok with last (4.0) version of mod. Maybe its only me though. Otherwise, my frist impression was that there are far too many pirates. I only had a few jumps with a half load of pets, and i met about 6-8 pirates at every jump gate/docking ring/and in flight while fleeing with hyperdrive. BTW, this hyperdrive makes the pirates a "nothreath if they dont hit you by mistake". So, whats the point? I would loose the hyperdrive thingy, make the systems smaller maybe, so no Ap is needed, and reduce the pirate count a bit.
There haven't been any changes to the audio portion of the mod since v4.0, so I'd have to say that you may have a corrupt version of the mod, or a bad installation of Freelancer.
Try completely uninstalling Freelancer, and then reinstalling.
FLMM could also be bad.
If all else fails, redownload the mod.

In the "Constants.ini" file, in the Data folder, you'll find this entry:
In Freelancer, the value is 300, in v4.0 it was 900.
I suppose, changing it to 0 would accomplish what you want.

The systems are all about 60,000 meters in size, much smaller would be to small.
The New York System in Freelancer is 200,000 meters in size.

I've had numerous complaints about combat being to easy. That, and the fact that the systems were underpopulated.
Increasing the population also increased the number of pirates that are around.
The changes to the combat system has made the pirates that much more aggressive.

If I get to many complaints about the number of pirates, or the cruise speed, I'll decrease them in the next version.
(Yours is the first feedback I've gotten on this version.)

There are 11 Ranger Carriers, 12 Paradigms, and 9 Liberty Cruisers.
Some, but not all, of the Rangers have their flight deck lights on.
perhaps a money glitch?

So, I started off and took a mission or two....and with all the junk I was getting from mision objectives (shooting down people and pilfering their remains being far more profitable than completing missions), I brought that cheapy little ship on Jolson...then for unknown reasons, I had 100,000 bucks left I bought the next ship. Could that have been something I picked up (which it automatically sold) or a glitch? I know I picked up a level 8 generator, but I was overwhelmed by my money total...

Overall, it's been a little fun, but it takes an eternity to actually kill someone. Playing in real Freelancer, I could kill a dozen ships in a couple it takes a couple minutes to kill anything not big, bulky and tortoise-like...

-Mr. Roboto
Thank you for your explanation Warzog. I find the pirates are okay, and the systems are really not that big, so i think you should leave it as it is. Its a good idea to make the cruise speed to 500, cause with 900 it was a real chellenge to navigate through an asteroidfield system :) I'll reinstall thewhole thing right now, cause i reall like this mod. If possible, I'll start a server too. Keep up the great work :)
Sorry, no server yet :( I got new EZfirewall, and i don't know how to set it up to let Freelancer server work. The game can't connect to global servers too :( Anyone knows how to make this firewall work with the game?
Todays error report:
1: I couldn't dock at mines! The distance read 0 (zero) all the time, even half a system far, and when i got close, and tried to dock, i got bumping into te invisible wall, and was unable to dock. (tried at Macabee mine, and an other 1 sytem away too, but no luck)
2: We used to be able to fly through confed carrers in WC, and in freelancer i could fly through the hangar of the Vesuvius. Why not the Rangers then? I couldn't even get close to the hangarway :( Docking was OKay, no errors here for me.

Now i'm really happy with all the traffic insystem, it makes the game feel more alive :)
One suggestion: I just tried a mod that made a bit more realistic sized planets/suns/systems. It felt way better with all those big planets around. Is it possible to resize the systems ewith everything inside except the spaceships? I think this would need hell lot of work, so just an idea :)
Thats all, i had no more time to test else. C ya.
My computer seems to enjoy corrupting files.
Anyplace that gives you that 0 zero range error, copy it's SUR file from v4.0, that should fix it.

As to flying through the ships, the SUR files that Freelancer uses won't allow it, sorry.
I deactivated 4.0 and activated 4.65 through the Mod Manager and I was able to use all of my old saved games without any crashes. Which is cool but not totally unexpected. :)
I did run into 0 range problem in Perry. Going into the bar at Perry station still causes the game to CTD.
I also can't dock at some carriers and stations. The first occurence was at a Retro base in the New Reno system that wasn'r modified from the original Freelancer design, and I was flying a Paktahn if that matters. The other time this occured was when I tried to dock on the Victory. Both times I recieved clearance to land but my ship kept flying around in circles like it was trying to line up to the dock, and at the Victory it wound up flying into the structure of the carrier, needless to say it killed me. I was able to "turn on" invincibility and try the dock again, with the same results, but then I was able to guide my ship back out again, after wrestling with the continuos collisions. I was flying a Centurion at the time.
Also I've been running into a number of missions where the waypoints are centered inside the planet I picked up the job from. If I try to auto pilot to the waypoint I of course get destroyed by the atmosphere.

Other than those few problems I've been having a great time just flying raiding shipping. :D

Some guy told me that the Pirates hang out at Pender's Star, so I went there, but it seems that there's only a bunch of the pirates have a base? Am i supposed to find it myself?

-Mr. Roboto
Fly around awhile and you'll run into them. IIRC there's even a base somewhere in the middle.

I was flying out near the Charon mine, in a Banshee, and ran into some Cats while searching for wrecks to loot. Anyway instead of fighting them off I decided to land on the mine, mind you a shot hadn't been fired by me yet, when I got to the mine it was marked as hostile so it wouldn't allow me to land. As I was cruising back to the system's carrier I checked my reputation levels. Everyone was either friendly, except for the Retros and the Pirates, the only hostile listing I had was under the Kilrathi. I checked the infocard for the mine and if I remember right it said it belonged to Izanami.
So does the Charon Mine belong to the Cats or what?
I sometimes get a mission to go kill some bad guys that are close, if not at the exact center of a star or planet (of course I don't know that untill I've already accepted the mission). A couple of times it kinda funny- I could get fairly close to the nav point without blowing up and as soon as the other ships appeared they where so close to the sun they'd go nova in a sec.- and bingo! I'm up 4000 bucks.

I can't land on NewConstantinople or the Vesuvius nor the mining station at Charon.
And finally, I don't really feal the difference between the shield generators. I mean I can see that #7 is way more efficient than #2 or 5, but something as expensive as 300,000+ big ones should (IMHO) be able to take two or tree good hits from a missile.

All that being sead, I don't care. I LOVE this remake. I NEEDED this game. I play this game often. WWIII could breakout next door and I would'nt stop playing this game. Well I'd lower my head a little to dodge the bullets but that's all.
I flew a Thunderbolt into Tingerhoff and was headed for th Palan jump point when the game CTD twice. On the previous release I had been able to fly through the system, in a Thud, without a problem.
Er, sorry, you will take me for a noob, but, how do I install the mod with mod manager, because it tells me "Damaged or not a zip file", even if I downloaded it several times. Please help me, I want to play with my favorite games' ships :rolleyes:
Nice job, I'd have a few comments, though.

1. I've checked the factions list and noted that I'm becoming friendly with the Kilrathi by killing pirates and vice versa :) . As a side note, though, I sometimes get neutral Kilrathi or pirates attack me, so I guess it's a way of bypassing Freelancer's "no landing on hostile bases" problem (in Priv you could land on Perry with Confed all over you, you couldn't do that in Freelancer without some modifications) - after all, I haven't tried being a pirate yet because of the no landing thingy - I'm just too lazy to go searching for pirate bases, I suppose.

2. IMHO, there are too many debris and asteroid fields around (maybe you could make them smaller - a system-wide debris field in New Detroit and Perry?).

3. You have to kill enemies quickly, or someone will steal the kill :D . There's a lot of encounters, which I like, but also too many friendlies around (I get no loot if it isn't me who finishes the guy off, and it isn't all that easy, these heavy fighters behave like heavy freighters instead - this is how I imagined flying a Drayman would feel). My 6 fusion cannons finish almost everything off quite quickly, the only problem is waiting for the ship to turn in the desired direction. The ships were more maneuverable in the WC games :( . Or is it just my feeling?

4. I had to run FLModelTool on your models to make them show properly in the game (they had no radius and didn't show when the center was off-screen - VERY annoying with bases). Maybe you could run it on them for the next version? BTW, it also has an option to automatically resize the .sur file according to the .cmp file.

5. You could make the cruise speed faster again (300 is too slow, I get bored while traveling - most of the time the pirates are friendly, 'cause I kill Kilrathi - I found myself engaging neutral Kilrathi or pirates from time to time).

6. There could be more pirate bases around, 'cause I guess you can't land anywhere if you're a pirate (Freelancer problem, has something to do with this 'docking ring' thingy - why couldn't you land on a planet without clearance?). I haven't experimented, so if it's solved already, sorry.

These are by no means serious problems - good job and keep it up! I like the battles - good idea increasing the frequency. I also like the variety in ship selection, you could make cockpits for them, though - I like good cockpits and as yet I haven't seen any in any Freelancer mod.

Freelancer should have variable shields (e.g. like in Privateer - separate shields for separate directions) - it would make it feel less 'arcade', which is a problem with all today's games, though (the 'arcadishness').
Place the mod in the Mod Manager's "MOD" folder.
Run the manager, and activate the mod.

To everyone with comments about the mod:
Many of the bugs are due to a problem with my computer.
For some reason, it corrupts the files.
One way to fix it is to copy the "INI" files, open notepad, paste the info, and save as the original ini file.
Time consuming, but it will repair the files.
This, and other stress related problems have led to my leaving the mod.

As to the helpful suggestions made by all, direct them towards Bob McDob.

Take care, Privateers!