privateer remake 1.1 patch beta


How to Apply for Privateer Remake 1.1 Beta

We are entering the beta testing period for the 1.1 privateer remake beta. We need volunteers who are interested in giving us detailed feedback about what is better, worse, and broken since the 1.0 release.

We have divided the beta into two phases, phase I is called Early Adopter. In this phase you will need to uninstall privateer remake 1.0 and reinstall our full replacement installer. Phase II beta will allow users to download a small 5-10 megabyte patch to 1.0 and will allow users to seamlessly upgrade their existing install. Phase I will be available to all Operating systems, phase II only to windows and linux.

a) send an e-mail to
b) write which beta phase you'd like to participate in. If you specify an earlier phase, you will receive the beta before those who specify the later phase. If you wish to test both phases, write that
c) Specify on which dates you will send feedback to us about how the beta went. Remember: this is a beta, so we need feedback or we may as well release the whole thing now. We need at least 2 posts reporting how things are going, and we need them both before June 6, the planned release date.

When you complete those steps, we will send you a link to the beta and directions about how to post bug reports so that we can fix them before June 6.

If you don't want to go through the trouble of testing and sending feedback, wait a little and you can get the final polished 1.1 patch instead :)


Make sure to also include the specs of your computer in your e-mail
d) how much ram
e) what speed processor
f) what type of video card (i.e. Geforce 2Go, ATI Radeon 9200, etc, Intel eXtreme graphics...)