Privateer GEMINI issue...


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Hey all, this is about the fan-project remake of Privateer. When I jump into Delta Prime, there is no base! Only the jump point to Gamma seems to be there. Has anyone come up with this issue?


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Yeah, it sucks because that's where I need to get the Steltek weapon. With nowhere to land, I cannot complete the game.

BTW, I am on the mission to Delta Prime, so the base should be spawned.


Never heard from someone about this problem. The base should be spawned. Anyone else with this issue?

Strange :(


Try talking to the lady before jumping out on the mission.
it should load as soon as you get there... is it not on your nav map or when you hit 'n'


Just got the same problem.

The base was there the first time I tried the mission. But I got killed on my way home (damn gothris).
I had saved the game, so I started over, but when I go to delta prime there is no base, only the jumppoint to gamma. Pressing 'n' only gives the jumppoint to gamma. It's not on the nav map either (ctrl-m)

So I thought, maybe I saved before talking to the lady. So i selfdestructed and restarted my saved game. When I talked to the lady she was mad cause I hadn't taken off on my mission yet. So that seemed to be ok.
but when I arrived in delta prime, again no delerict base :(((

playing privateer gemini gold 1.0 on windows xp


Hmm strange, I just quited the game and started it again. Now the base is there again.
So simple solution : completely quit the game and start it again. Then fly your saved mission and the base will be there again.