Privateer Gemini Gold probs


Cant get joystick to work with Gemini gold I am running windows xp with a ton of newly added updates but it didn't work before I added the updates, intel p4 3.0 with HT asus motherboard and a saitek x-45 joystick and throttle/rudder combo any help would be veru useful as this is my favorite game ever but it just is not the same using stupid mouse control.


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you need to keep track of your posts.

Have you even tried the suggestions? If no one else responded, what makes you think your going to have any better success with a whole new thread when you could have updated us by simply adding another post to the other thread. (and it would be bumped up to the top of the list to boot.)

Not only that, your not the only one with a similar problem:
Did you check if the Joystick is activated in the GG setup at all? A lot of devs don't use joysticks (don't know about John), so it might be that the joystick isn't standart.
There might also be a problem if you have two joysticks or gamepads in your Windows settings activated, IIRC GG, the Remake and VS only recognize the first joystick.


Thanks for all your help

Thank u all who posted I unplugged my R/C airplanes radio control for the usb port and all is working well I can now enjoy my favorite game the way it should be thanks all!