Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.3 released

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v0.3.4 has been released

- Fixed bug with critical wounds not decreasing health.
- Fixed bug with the sound of static on your target display "sticking".
- Fixed bug with displaying hidden/unhidden contraband.
- Fixed bug with long movie filenames.
- Fixed bug that wouldn't create your contact when trying to collect payment for an on-ground assassination mission.
- Fixed bug that made typing the letter 'q' impossible.
- Fixed seven other bugs that potentially caused crashes.
- Increased the time it takes to land on a base or planet.
- Killing Retros and Kilrathi will now also increase your standing with Hunters.
- Added more detailed messages when scooping cargo.
- If scooping cargo, but you haven't enough space for all of it, the remaining cargo won't be destroyed anymore.
- Added targeting of cargo containers and ejected pilots (SHIFT+T).
- Cargo containers and ejected pilots will now also show up on the radar.
- For missions where you have to collect the payment, your Quine will now tell you whether or not you've collected it.
- You will no longer get fined for assaults and murders on pirate bases (you'll still be banned, though).
- You won't always be scanned for contraband anymore (there's a 50% chance).
- You can now move the viewable area when targeting.
- Lowered the price of hidden compartments to 2000 credits.
- Added a window icon.
Thanks for the front page news spot (and for all the previous ones)! I always get a nice boost in downloads whenever there's a news item, so that's nice. :)
v0.3.5 released!

- Fixed bug that crashed the game when entering autopilot with the autopilot speed set to 9.
- Fixed bug with shield upgrading that sometimes made shields too strong.
- Fixed bug that sometimes froze the game when sleeping.
- Decreased the amount of damage asteroids can withstand.
- Added equipment descriptions to the shipyard computer terminal.
- The Guild computers will now tell you how many missions you need to complete to advance to the next level.
- Attempting to dock with a ship that's engaged in combat will now have the ship tell you that it's busy, instead of telling you to prepare for docking.
- Making a mission ship hostile (for example by shooting at it) will fail the mission, if you need to escort or dock with that ship.
- You can now engage the autopilot while escorting a ship without the ship disappearing (or actually staying at the spot where you entered autopilot).
- When entering autopilot, you will now fly at the current set speed, so if you want to fly at max speed during autopilot, be sure to set your speed to max before engaging the autopilot.
- If an NPC ship is attacking another ship, but is then attacked itself, there's now a chance of the NPC ship changing targets to the ship that attacked it.
- A completely blinded character will now always miss when shooting at you.
- Decreased all fines to 1/10th.
v0.3.6 released!

v0.3.6 released!

- Fixed bug that potentially caused a crash when buying a new ship.
- Fixed a bunch of bugs related to raid missions.
- You will now only be fined and banned for attacks and murders on a base or planet if a witness sees both you and your victim right as the act is being committed (if you're attacking or killing a police officer, witnesses aren't required for fines and banning). You will also only be fined and banned for using a hand grenade if somebody saw you throwing the grenade.
- Police officers will now also attack you if they see you starting a fight and sometimes a witness will attack you as well.
- Added hand grenades.
- Added smoke grenades.
- Added some more sound effects.
- Changed the icon for objects on the ground.
v0.3.7 released!

v0.3.7 released!

- Fixed potential crashing bug with hand grenade explosions.
- Fixed bug with enemies in character combat suddenly speeding towards you.
- Added credit balance to the Merchants' Guild computer terminal.
- The ship dealer will now tell you how many credits will be left in your account before you buy the ship.
- Objects in your inventory can now switch positions, and you can now load and unload an ammunition clip anywhere in your inventory, not just in your hands.
- Decreased banning periods.
v0.3.8 released!

v0.3.8 released!

- Fixed bug with the alphabetical sorting of movie files.
- Fixed bug with improving your Rifle Shooting skill from the shooting range on Manurhin in the Vichy system.
- Fixed bug that froze the game when landing on Novy Norilsk with an assassination mission there.
- Added new Quine for purchase in the equipment shop.
- You can now access your Quine while viewing a computer terminal.
- Did a whole bunch of stuff related to the upcoming quest scripting.

Next up is v0.4, which will allow for user written quest scripts, making it possible for players to create stories in the Ascii Sector universe for other players to play.
v0.4 released!

v0.4 released!

- Fixed bug with circular wipein when starting new game.
- Fixed bug with the ship dealer's dialogue disappearing too quickly.
- Fixed bug with placement of characters in hidden area on Loye Naval Base.
- You can no longer enter autopilot if your speed is set to zero.
- Implemented user scripted quests.

For more information about quests and how to make your own:
v0.4.1 released!

v0.4.1 released!

- First Linux release!
- Fixed bug with captives counting against your passenger space.
- Fixed bug with '2' and '3' not toggling guns on/off.
- Fixed bug with wrong names for named ejected pilots.
- Fixed bug with contents of mission cargo containers.
- Fixed bug with ship sending docking message while fighting.
- Fixed bug with the tracking of critical wounds.
- Fixed bug with locking missiles when flying a capital ship.
- Added "+FirstName+" and "+LastName+" script functions.
- Added nav bouys to "empty" nav points.
- Added type of ship to escort in mission descriptions for escort missions.
- Added an icon to the Win32 executable.
- Added ship stats to the manual.
- Added keypad support.
- Bases you're banned from will now also show up as red on the quadrant map.
- The nav computer will now tell you where to collect payment.