Privateer 2


I have both versions of Priv 2, I got W95 because the DOS version ran too fast but that runs too fast aswell. Can anyone give me any suggestions, no matter how drastic that will get either running smoothly? P.S Please note I tried turbo but if I got the normal space flight speed right my speed went hyper (into the thousands) and the game ran far too slowly when a planet was in view.
I tried Win2k as Chris made a post that the limiter worked with it however it didn't for me.


Unknown Enemy
Nobody really knows why the limiter doesn't work on some computers. Personally, I played with Turbo. Usually, what I'd do is set it up to a fairly low percentage for the space flight, and then switch back to a higher percentage when landing. Doing that every time does get annoying, but as far as I could see, it was the only way to play it.

Oh yeah, I think there's another slowdown utility in the CIC's files (not MoSlo), and I think somebody said it works better, but I never tried that one.