Privateer 2 Cutscene Crash


Hey folks

Was playing Priv 2 and the game crashes right after having saved Sheila Nabukov from Kronos.

I get an error message as shown in the pic.

I play GOG version with Darkfix and german videos.

Maybe somebody can lend me a hand?



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Hmm, does it let you pass that particular spot without without darkfix? Could be a specific glitch right there related to the path. The error message doesn't stand out much itself as a common issue with the game.


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Hey, sorry that I only noticed this now. If the problem persists, can you post a copy of your savegame so I can run a few tests?

Judging by the crash address, at first sight it doesn't seem to be related to anything the patch is doing... but it would be interesting to try and figure the cause of this!